Stokes, Whitley, “The prose tales in the Rennes dindshenchas”, Revue Celtique 15 (1894): 272–336, 418–484.

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“The prose tales in the Rennes dindshenchas”
Revue Celtique 15 (1894)
Revue Celtique 15 (1894).
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272–336, 418–484
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An edition and translation of the prose texts in the Dinnshenchas Érenn as they occur in Rennes, Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole, MS 598. Missing texts are supplied from the Book of Lecan version.

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no.Stokes’ titlePagesEntry in *selgā
0x277–279Introduction to the Dinnshenchas Érenn
1Temair277–280Dinnshenchas of Temair (prose)
2Dumae n-Eirc289–290Dinnshenchas of Achall
3Ráith Ésa290–291Dinnshenchas of Ráith Ésa
4Dindgnai in Broga292–293Dinnshenchas of Brug na Bóinne (prose)
5Inber n-Ailbine294–295Dinnshenchas of Inber nAilbine
6Ochonn Midi295–297Dinnshenchas of Ochan
7Mide297–298Dinnshenchas of Mide
8Druim nDairbrech298–299Dinnshenchas of Druim nDairbrech
9Laigin299–301Dinnshenchas of Laigin (prose)
10Sliab Bladma301Dinnshenchas of Slíab Bladma
11Fid n-Gaible301–303Dinnshenchas of Fid nGaibli
12Mag Lifi303–304Dinnshenchas of Mag Life
13Berba304–305Dinnshenchas of Berba
14Móin Gai Glaiss305–306Dinnshenchas of Móin Gai Glais
15Faffand306–308Dinnshenchas of Faffand
16Adarca Hua Failgi308–309Dinnshenchas of Almu (prose)
17Aillend309–311Dinnshenchas of Alend
18Carman311–315Dinnshenchas of Carman
19Bóand315–316Dinnshenchas of Boand (prose)
20Nás316–317 (§ 20)Dinnshenchas of Nás
21Ceilbe318–321Dinnshenchas of Ceilbe
22Liamuin321–322Dinnshenchas of Liamuin
23Dún nGabail323 (§ 23)Dinnshenchas of Dún nGabail
24Belach nDuirgein323–325 (§ 24)Dinnshenchas of Belach nDúirgein
25Bairend Cermain325 (§ 25)Dinnshenchas of Bairend Chermain
26Duiblind326Dinnshenchas of Duiblinn
27Fornocht327–328 (§ 27)Dinnshenchas of Fornocht
28Áth Clíath Cúalann328–329 (§ 28)Dinnshenchas of Áth Clíath Cúalann
29Benn Étair330–332Dinnshenchas of Benn Étair (prose)
30Dún Crimthainn332–333Dinnshenchas of Dún Crimthainn
31Ráith Cnámrossa333–334 (§ 31)Dinnshenchas of Ráith Chnámrossa
32Maistiu334–336Dinnshenchas of Maistiu I
33Róiriu418–419Dinnshenchas of Róiriu in Uí Muiredaig
34Mag Mugna ocus Brechmag419–421Dinnshenchas of Bréchmag
34Mag Mugna ocus Brechmag419–421Dinnshenchas of Mag Mugna
35Belach Conglais421–422 (§ 35)Dinnshenchas of Belach Conglais
36Áth Fadat424Dinnshenchas of Áth Fadat II
36Áth Fadat422–424Dinnshenchas of Áth Fadat I
37Belach Gabrain426–427Dinnshenchas of Belach Gabráin
38Sliab Mairge426–427Dinnshenchas of Slíab Mairge II
39Ard Lemnachta426–427Dinnshenchas of Ard Lemnacht
40Loch Garman428–431Dinnshenchas of Loch Garman
41Loch Dacáech431–432Dinnshenchas of Loch dá Cháech
42Port Láirge432–433 (§ 42)Dinnshenchas of Port Láirge
43Mag Roigni434–435Dinnshenchas of Mag Raigne
44Mag Femen, Mag Fera, Mag Fea435–436Dinnshenchas of Mag Femin I
44Mag Femin436Dinnshenchas of Mag Femin II
45Tond Clidna437–438Dinnshenchas of Tonn Chlidna (prose)
46Carn Húi Néit438–440Dinnshenchas of Carn Uí Néit
47Crotta Cliach440–441Dinnshenchas of Crotta Clíach
48Cenn Febrat442Dinnshenchas of Cenn Febrat
49Cenn Cuirrig442–444Dinnshenchas of Cenn Cuirrig
50Temair Luachra444–445Dinnshenchas of Temair Lúachra
51Sliab Mis445–446Dinnshenchas of Slíab Mis
52Tipra Sengarman447–448 (§ 52)Dinnshenchas of Tipra Sengarmna
53Findglais448–449Dinnshenchas of Finnglais
54Srub Brain450Dinnshenchas of Srúb Brain
55Loch Léin451–452Dinnshenchas of Loch Léin
56Carn Feradaig452Dinnshenchas of Carn Feradaig
57Luimnech452–454Dinnshenchas of Luimnech
58Slige Dala454–456Dinnshenchas of Slige Dála
59Sinann456–457Dinnshenchas of Sinann (prose)
60Sliab n-Echtga458–459Dinnshenchas of Slíab Echtge I
61Áth Cliath Medraigi459–460Dinnshenchas of Áth Clíath Medraige
62Mag n-Aidni460Dinnshenchas of Mag nAidne
63Moenmag461Dinnshenchas of Móenmag
64Loch Dergdeirc461–463Dinnshenchas of Loch Dergderc
65Raith Cruachan463Dinnshenchas of Ráith Crúachain
66Áth Luain464–467Dinnshenchas of Áth Lúain
67Turloch Sílinne467–468Dinnshenchas of Loch mBlonac
68Findloch Cera468–469Dinnshenchas of Findloch Cera
69Mag n-Ái469Dinnshenchas of Mag nAí
70Mag Mucraime470Dinnshenchas of Mag Mucrama
71Dumae Selga470–472Dinnshenchas of Duma Selga
72Mag Luirg472–473Dinnshenchas of Mag Luirg
73Loch Néill473–474Dinnshenchas of Loch Néill
74Loch Con474–475Dinnshenchas of Loch Con
75Loch nDechet475–476Dinnshenchas of Loch nDechet
76Mag Muirisc476–477Dinnshenchas of Mag Muirisce
77Corond477–478Dinnshenchas of Céis Chorainn
78Carn Conoill478–481Dinnshenchas of Carn Conaill
79Loch Rí481–483Dinnshenchas of Loch Rí
80Loch nÉrne483–484Dinnshenchas of Loch nÉrne
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