Dinnshenchas of Temair (prose)

  • Middle Irish, Hiberno-Latin
  • prose
  • Dinnshenchas Érenn
First words (prose)
  • Temair didiu ... .i. Múr Tea
Context(s)The (textual) context(s) to which the present text belongs or in which it is cited in part or in whole.
Speaker: Amairgen mac AmalgadaAmairgen mac Amalgada
(supp. fl. 6th century)
legendary poet of Díarmait mac Cerbaill
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C version (Rennes MS, BB), which connects the text to the introductory tale, where the poet is presented as having composed the collection.
Dinnshenchas Érenn B, short version corresponding to § 1 of Stokes' edition from the Rennes text:
f. 11v
§ 1 and a concluding quatrain beginning ‘IN chetbean luid i n-uaigh uair’
Dinnshenchas Érenn C, longer version corresponding to §§ 1-4, connected to the introductory tale:
f. 90ra–90rb
§§ 1-4
Possible other copies yet to be confirmed
  • Middle Irish Hiberno-Latin
  • Middle Irish; § 4 is in Latin
prose (primary)
verse (secondary)
Contains poems
In chetbean luid i n-uaigh uair’ » Poem in Rawlinson B 506
Textual relationships
Related: Dindgnai TemrachDindgnai TemrachDinnshenchas of Temair IDinnshenchas of Temair IPoem on the former names and legendary associations of the Hill of Tara. Versions are extant in recensions of LGÉ as well as the Dinnshenchas Érenn.Temair IITemair II

Dinnshenchas of Temair.

Dinnshenchas of Temair IIIDinnshenchas of Temair IIIDinnshenchas of TemairTurim tigi TemrachTurim tigi Temrach

Dinnshenchas of Temair.

Dinnshenchas of Temair VDinnshenchas of Temair VPoem on the dinnshenchas of Temair (Tara), consisting mostly of a long list of placenames.
Associated items
In chetbean luid i n-uaigh uairIn chetbean luid i n-uaigh uair


Dinnshenchas Érenn
Dinnshenchas Érenn
id. 6712



Temair ... Tara
County Meath
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An edition and translation of the prose texts in the Dinnshenchas Érenn as they occur in Rennes, Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole, MS 598. Missing texts are supplied from the Book of Lecan version.

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C. A., Dennis Groenewegen
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