Stokes, Whitley, “The Bodleian dinnshenchas”, Folk-Lore 3 (1892): 467–516.

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“The Bodleian dinnshenchas”
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no.Stokes’ titlePagesEntry in *selgā
0Sencas Dinn Erinn469Introduction to the Dinnshenchas Érenn
1Temuir470Dinnshenchas of Temair (prose)
2Mag mBreg470–471Dinnshenchas of Mag mBreg
3Laigin472–473Dinnshenchas of Laigin II
3Laigin471–473Dinnshenchas of Laigin (prose)
4Mag Liphi473–474Dinnshenchas of Mag Life
5Loch Garman474Dinnshenchas of Loch Garman
6Fid nGaibli474–475Dinnshenchas of Fid nGaibli
7Mide475–476Dinnshenchas of Mide
8Eithne476–477Dinnshenchas of Eithne
9Bri Léith477–478Dinnshenchas of Brí Léith
10Tonn Clidna478–479Dinnshenchas of Tonn Chlidna (prose)
11Sliab Bladma479–480Dinnshenchas of Slíab Bladma
12Mag Raigni480Dinnshenchas of Mag Raigne
13Tethba480–481Dinnshenchas of Tethba
14Loch Annind, Loch Uair, Loch Cimmi482Dinnshenchas of Loch nAindind
15Berba483Dinnshenchas of Berba
16Mag Femin483–484Dinnshenchas of Mag Femin I
17Sliab Mis484–485Dinnshenchas of Slíab Mis
18Loch Lein485–486Dinnshenchas of Loch Léin
19Sliab Cua486Dinnshenchas of Slíab Cúa
20Luimnech486–488Dinnshenchas of Luimnech
21Sliab nEchtga488–489Dinnshenchas of Slíab Echtge I
22Mag nAidne489Dinnshenchas of Mag nAidne
23Port Lairge489–490Dinnshenchas of Port Láirge
24Seig Mossad490–491Dinnshenchas of Séig Mossad
25Mag Main491–492Dinnshenchas of Móenmag
26Ath Cliath la Connachta492Dinnshenchas of Áth Clíath Medraige
27Mag Cruachan492–493Dinnshenchas of Ráith Crúachain
28Mag Tarbgai493–494Dinnshenchas of Mag Tarbga and Findloch
29Loch Neill494–495Dinnshenchas of Loch Néill
30Mag Luirg495Dinnshenchas of Mag Luirg
31Loch nDechet496Dinnshenchas of Loch nDechet
32Loch Con497Dinnshenchas of Loch Con
33Sinann497–498Dinnshenchas of Sinann (prose)
34Druim Cliab498–499Dinnshenchas of Druim Clíab
35Nemthenn499Dinnshenchas of Nemthenn
36Boann500Dinnshenchas of Boand (prose)
37Dubthair501Dinnshenchas of Dubthír
38Duiblinn501–502Dinnshenchas of Duiblinn
39Sliab Mairge502Dinnshenchas of Slíab Mairge II
40Crechmael403–404Dinnshenchas of Crechmáel
41Lia Nothain504–505Dinnshenchas of Lía Nothain
42Ess Ruaid505–506Dinnshenchas of Ess Rúaid I
43Cnogba506Dinnshenchas of Cnogba
44Mag Murisce507–508Dinnshenchas of Mag Muirisce
45Druim Suamaig508Dinnshenchas of Druim Súamaig (prose)
46Tuag Inbir509–510Dinnshenchas of Túag Inbir and Loch nEchach
47Cleittech511–512Dinnshenchas of Cleitech
48Cerna512Dinnshenchas of Cerna
49Cloenloch513Dinnshenchas of Clóenloch
50Loch Dacaech513–514Dinnshenchas of Loch dá Cháech
51Sruthair Matha514–515Dinnshenchas of Sruthar Matha
52Mag n-Itha515Dinnshenchas of Mag nÍtha
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