Gwynn, E. J., The metrical dindsenchas, 5 vols, vol. 4, Todd Lecture Series, 11, Dublin: Hodges, Figgis, 1924.

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The metrical dindsenchas - vol. 4 (5 vols)
Hodges, Figgis
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E. J. Gwynn, The metrical dindsenchas (1903–1935)
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no.Gwynn’s titlePagesEntry in *selgā
1Ess Ruaid I2–7Dinnshenchas of Ess Rúaid I
1Ess Ruaid I375–376Dinnshenchas of Ess Rúaid I
2Ess Ruaid II376–377Dinnshenchas of Ess Rúaid II
2Ess Ruaid II6–9Dinnshenchas of Ess Rúaid II
3Druim Clíab8–11Dinnshenchas of Druim Clíab
3Druim Clíab377–378Dinnshenchas of Druim Clíab
4.1Loch Gile12–15Dinnshenchas of Loch Gile I
4.1Loch Gile378Dinnshenchas of Loch Gile I
4.2Loch Gile378Dinnshenchas of Loch Gile II
5Nemthend378–379Dinnshenchas of Nemthenn
5Nemthend14–17Dinnshenchas of Nemthenn
6Dubthir16–19Dinnshenchas of Dubthír
6Dubthir379Dinnshenchas of Dubthír
7Mag Slecht379–380Dinnshenchas of Mag Slecht
7Mag Slecht18–23Dinnshenchas of Mag Slecht
8Crechmael380Dinnshenchas of Crechmáel
8Crechmael22–25Dinnshenchas of Crechmáel
9Lia Nothain26–31Dinnshenchas of Lía Nothain
9Lia Nothain380–381Dinnshenchas of Lía Nothain
10Carn Furbaide381–382Dinnshenchas of Carn Furbaide
10Carn Furbaide30–37Dinnshenchas of Carn Furbaide
11Áth Líac Find I382–384Dinnshenchas of Áth Líac Find I
11Áth Líac Find I36–39Dinnshenchas of Áth Líac Find I
12Áth Líac Find II40–43Dinnshenchas of Áth Líac Find II
12Áth Líac Find II384Dinnshenchas of Áth Líac Find II
13Druim Criaich42–59Dinnshenchas of Druim Criaich
13Druim Criaich384–388Dinnshenchas of Druim Criaich
14Tuag Inbir388–391Dinnshenchas of Túag Inbir and Loch nEchach
14.1Tuag Inbir58–63 (lines 1–64)Dinnshenchas of Túag Inbir and Loch nEchach
14.2Tuag Inbir62–69 (lines 65–160)Dinnshenchas of Túag Inbir and Loch nEchach
15Benn Boguine70–75Dinnshenchas of Benn Bóguine
15Benn Boguine391–393Dinnshenchas of Benn Bóguine
16Sliab Betha393–394Dinnshenchas of Slíab Betha
16Sliab Betha76–77Dinnshenchas of Slíab Betha
17Áth nGrencha78–81Dinnshenchas of Áth nGabla
17Áth nGrencha384–385Dinnshenchas of Áth nGabla
18Coire Breccáin895–897Dinnshenchas of Coire mBreccáin
18Coire Breccáin80–87Dinnshenchas of Coire mBreccáin
19Benn Foibne397Dinnshenchas of Benn Foibne
19Benn Foibne86–89Dinnshenchas of Benn Foibne
20Ard Fothaid397–398Dinnshenchas of Ard Fothaid
20Ard Fothaid90–91Dinnshenchas of Ard Fothaid
21Mag n-Ítha398–399Dinnshenchas of Mag nÍtha
21Mag n-Ítha90–93Dinnshenchas of Mag nÍtha
22Ailech I92–101Dinnshenchas of Ailech I
22Ailech I399–401Dinnshenchas of Ailech I
23Ailech II100–107Dinnshenchas of Ailech II
23Ailech II401–403Dinnshenchas of Ailech II
24Ailech III106–121Dinnshenchas of Ailech III
24Ailech III403–406Dinnshenchas of Ailech III
25Carraic Lethderg406Dinnshenchas of Carraic Lethdeirg
25Carraic Lethderg120–123Dinnshenchas of Carraic Lethdeirg
26Mag Coba407Dinnshenchas of Mag Coba
26Mag Coba122–125Dinnshenchas of Mag Coba
27Ard Macha407–408Dinnshenchas of Ard Macha
27Ard Macha124–131Dinnshenchas of Ard Macha
28Lecht Óen-fhir Aífe409Dinnshenchas of Lechtán Óenfhir Aífe
28Lecht Óen-fhir Aífe132–135Dinnshenchas of Lechtán Óenfhir Aífe
29Carn Máil134–143Dinnshenchas of Carn Máil
29Carn Máil409–412Dinnshenchas of Carn Máil
30Ráth Mór Maige Line144–145Dinnshenchas of Ráith Mór Maige Line
30Ráth Mór Maige Line412Dinnshenchas of Ráith Mór Maige Line
31Bend Boirche I144–145Dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche I
31Bend Boirche I412Dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche I
31Sliab Callann421Dinnshenchas of Slíab Callann
32Bend Boirche II413Dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche II
32Bend Boirche II146–147Dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche II
33Taltiu413–419Dinnshenchas of Tailtiu
33Taltiu146–163Dinnshenchas of Tailtiu
34Sliab Fúait I419–420Dinnshenchas of Slíab Fúait I
34Sliab Fúait I162–167Dinnshenchas of Slíab Fúait I
35Sliab Fúait II166–169Dinnshenchas of Slíab Fúait II
35Sliab Fúait II420–421Dinnshenchas of Slíab Fúait II
36Sliab Callann170–173Dinnshenchas of Slíab Callann
37Sruthar Matha421–422Dinnshenchas of Sruthar Matha
37Sruthar Matha172–175Dinnshenchas of Sruthar Matha
38Odba422Dinnshenchas of Odba
38Odba174–177Dinnshenchas of Odba
39Inber Cíchmaine176–179Dinnshenchas of Inber Cíchmaine
39Inber Cíchmaine422–423Dinnshenchas of Inber Cíchmaine
40Móin Tíre Náir178–179Dinnshenchas of Móin Tíre Náir
40Móin Tíre Náir423–424Dinnshenchas of Móin Tíre Náir
41Fích mBúana424Dinnshenchas of Fích mBúana
41Fích mBúana180–181Dinnshenchas of Fích mBúana
42Loch Dá Gabar424Dinnshenchas of Loch dá Gabar
42Loch Dá Gabar182–183Dinnshenchas of Loch dá Gabar
43Lusmag182–185Dinnshenchas of Lusmag
43Lusmag424–425Dinnshenchas of Lusmag
44Benn Codail425Dinnshenchas of Benn Codail
44Benn Codail184–187Dinnshenchas of Benn Codail
45Tlachtga186–191Dinnshenchas of Tlachtga
45Tlachtga425–427Dinnshenchas of Tlachtga
46Mag Breg427Dinnshenchas of Mag mBreg
46Mag Breg190–193Dinnshenchas of Mag mBreg
47Mag Léna I427–428Dinnshenchas of Mag Léna
47Mag Léna I192–195Dinnshenchas of Mag Léna
48Mag Léna II428–429Muc mic Dá Thó, tlacht-múad torc
48Mag Léna II194–197Muc mic Dá Thó, tlacht-múad torc
49Odras429–431Dinnshenchas of Odras
49Odras196–201Dinnshenchas of Odras
50Cleitech430Dinnshenchas of Cleitech
50Cleitech200–203Dinnshenchas of Cleitech
51Cerna202–209Dinnshenchas of Cerna
51Cerna430–432Dinnshenchas of Cerna
52Clóenloch432Dinnshenchas of Clóenloch
52Clóenloch210–211Dinnshenchas of Clóenloch
53Irarus432–434Dinnshenchas of Irarus
53Irarus210–217Dinnshenchas of Irarus
54Mag Findabrach434–435Dinnshenchas of Mag Findabrach
54Mag Findabrach216–219Dinnshenchas of Mag Findabrach
55Lia Lindgadain435Dinnshenchas of Lía Lindgadain
55Lia Lindgadain218–219Dinnshenchas of Lía Lindgadain
56Gáirech435Dinnshenchas of Gáirech
56Gáirech220–221Dinnshenchas of Gáirech
57Luibnech435–436Dinnshenchas of Luibnech
57Luibnech220–221Dinnshenchas of Luibnech
58Lecc Thollchind436Dinnshenchas of Lecc Thollchinn
58Lecc Thollchind222–225Dinnshenchas of Lecc Thollchinn
59Inber Bicne436Dinnshenchas of Inber mBicne
59Inber Bicne224–225Dinnshenchas of Inber mBicne
60Loch Séta436–437Dinnshenchas of Loch Séta
60Loch Séta224–227Dinnshenchas of Loch Séta
61Tráig Thuirbe226–227Dinnshenchas of Tráig Thuirbe
61Tráig Thuirbe437Dinnshenchas of Tráig Thuirbe
62Brí Léith437Dinnshenchas of Brí Léith
62Brí Léith228–229Dinnshenchas of Brí Léith
63Tethba437–438Dinnshenchas of Tethba
63Tethba230–231Dinnshenchas of Tethba
64Loch Andind438Dinnshenchas of Loch nAindind
64Loch Aindind230–235Dinnshenchas of Loch nAindind
65Druim Súamaig I438–439Dinnshenchas of Druim Súamaig I
65Druim Súamaig I234–239Dinnshenchas of Druim Súamaig I
66Druim Súamaig II437–439Dinnshenchas of Druim Súamaig II
66Druim Súamaig II238–239Dinnshenchas of Druim Súamaig II
67Dún mac Nechtain Scéne439–440Dinnshenchas of Dún mac Nechtain Scéne
67Dún mac Nechtain Scéne240–241Dinnshenchas of Dún mac Nechtain Scéne
68Bile Tortan440–441Dinnshenchas of Bile Tortan
68Bile Tortan240–247Dinnshenchas of Bile Tortan
69Lége441–442Dinnshenchas of Lége
69Lége246–253Dinnshenchas of Lége
70Bréfne252–257Dinnshenchas of Bréifne
70Bréfne443Dinnshenchas of Bréifne
71Loch Laiglinde256–257Dinnshenchas of Loch Laiglinde
71Loch Laiglinde443–444Dinnshenchas of Loch Laiglinde
72Loch Cenn258–259Dinnshenchas of Loch Cenn
72Loch Cenn444–445Dinnshenchas of Loch Cenn
73Mag nDumach445–446Dinnshenchas of Mag nDumach
73Mag nDumach260–265Dinnshenchas of Mag nDumach
74Cnucha I264–265Dinnshenchas of Cnucha I
74Cnucha I446Dinnshenchas of Cnucha I
75Cnucha II264–267Dinnshenchas of Cnucha II
75Cnucha II446–447Dinnshenchas of Cnucha II
76Codal268–271Dinnshenchas of Codal
76Codal447Dinnshenchas of Codal
77Slaine447Dinnshenchas of Sláine
77Sláine270–271Dinnshenchas of Sláine
78Dubad270–273Dinnshenchas of Dubad
78Dubad447Dinnshenchas of Dubad
79Ráith Chrinna272–273Dinnshenchas of Ráith Chrinna
79Rath Crinna447–448Dinnshenchas of Ráith Chrinna
80Umall448Dinnshenchas of Umall
80Umall272–275Dinnshenchas of Umall
81Mag Methluachra274–275Dinnshenchas of Mag Methluachra
81Mag Lethluachra448Dinnshenchas of Mag Methluachra
82Conachail274–275Dinnshenchas of Conachail
82Conachail448Dinnshenchas of Conachail
83Ath Crocha276–277Dinnshenchas of Áth Crocha
83Ath Crocha448Dinnshenchas of Áth Crocha
84Mag n-Ura448–449Dinnshenchas of Mag nÚra
84Mag n-Úra276–277Dinnshenchas of Mag nÚra
85Mag Mandachta449Dinnshenchas of Mag Mandachta
85Mag Mandachta278–279Dinnshenchas of Mag Mandachta
86Loch Lugborta449Dinnshenchas of Loch Lugborta
86Loch Lugborta278–281Dinnshenchas of Loch Lugborta
87Crúachán Aigle280–281Dinnshenchas of Crúachán Aigle
87Cruachan Aigle449–450Dinnshenchas of Crúachán Aigle
88Sliab Badbgna282–283Dinnshenchas of Slíab Badbgna
88Sliab Badbgna450Dinnshenchas of Slíab Badbgna
89Tulach Eogain282–289Dinnshenchas of Tulach Eógain
89Tulach Eogain450Dinnshenchas of Tulach Eógain
90Glaisse Bulga451Dinnshenchas of Glaise Bulga
90Glaisse Bulga288–289Dinnshenchas of Glaise Bulga
91Loch Semtide451Dinnshenchas of Loch Semtide
91Loch Semtide288–289Dinnshenchas of Loch Semtide
92Inis Samer288–291Dinnshenchas of Inis Samer
92Inis Samer452Dinnshenchas of Inis Samer
93Dún Ruissarach452Dinnshenchas of Dún Ruissárach
93Dún Ruissarach290–291Dinnshenchas of Dún Ruissárach
94Dún Clúana Ithair292–293Dinnshenchas of Dún Clúana Ithair
94Dún Clúana Ithair452–453Dinnshenchas of Dún Clúana Ithair
95Síd Duma453Dinnshenchas of Síd Duma
95Síd Duma292–293Dinnshenchas of Síd Duma
96Mag Corainn292–293Dinnshenchas of Mag Corainn
97Tráig Eba453Dinnshenchas of Tráig Eba
97Tráig Eba292–293Dinnshenchas of Tráig Eba
98Úaig Búana453–454Dinnshenchas of Úaig Búana
98Úaig Búana294–295Dinnshenchas of Úaig Búana
99Mag Muirthemne454Dinnshenchas of Mag Muirthemne
99Mag Muirthemne294–295Dinnshenchas of Mag Muirthemne
100Lind Féic296–297Dinnshenchas of Lind Féic
100Lind Féic454Dinnshenchas of Lind Féic
101Druim Tairleime454Dinnshenchas of Druim Tairléime
101Druim Tairleime296–297Dinnshenchas of Druim Tairléime
102Brí Graige454Dinnshenchas of Brí Graide
102Brí Graige296–297Dinnshenchas of Brí Graide
103Slemain Mide296–299Dinnshenchas of Slemain Mide
103Slemain Mide455Dinnshenchas of Slemain Mide
104Athais Mide298–299Dinnshenchas of Athais Mide
104Athais Mide455Dinnshenchas of Athais Mide
105Slíab Slanga298–301Dinnshenchas of Slíab Slanga
105Slíab Slanga455Dinnshenchas of Slíab Slanga
106Mag Etrige455–456Dinnshenchas of Mag nEtrige
106Mag Etrige300–301Dinnshenchas of Mag nEtrige
107Tipra Brothlaige456Dinnshenchas of Tipra Brothlaige
107Tipra Brothlaige300–301Dinnshenchas of Tipra Brothlaige
108Grellach Dolluid456Dinnshenchas of Grellach Dolluid
108Grellach Dolluid302–303Dinnshenchas of Grellach Dolluid
109Oin Aub302–303Dinnshenchas of Oin Aub
109Oin Aub456–457Dinnshenchas of Oin Aub
110Glen Breogain457Dinnshenchas of Glenn mBreogain
110Glenn Breogain302–303Dinnshenchas of Glenn mBreogain
111Ailén Cobthaig304–309Dinnshenchas of Ailén Cobthaig
111Ailén Cobthaig457–459Dinnshenchas of Ailén Cobthaig
112Emain Macha459Dinnshenchas of Emain Macha
112Emain Macha308–311Dinnshenchas of Emain Macha
113Tech nDuinn310–311Dinnshenchas of Tech nDuinn
113Tech nDuinn459Dinnshenchas of Tech nDuinn
114Dún Másc460Dinnshenchas of Dún Másc
114Dún Másc314–317Dinnshenchas of Dún Másc
115Duma Oena, Duma Ilia, Áth Egone460Dinnshenchas of Duma Oena, Duma Ilia, Áth Egone
115Duma Oena, Duma Ilia, Áth Egone316–317Dinnshenchas of Duma Oena, Duma Ilia, Áth Egone
116Druim Fíngin I316–317Dinnshenchas of Druim Fíngin I
116Druim Fíngin I461Dinnshenchas of Druim Fíngin I
117Descert318–319Dinnshenchas of Descert
117Descert461Dinnshenchas of Descert
118Cend Finichair318–325Dinnshenchas of Cenn Finichair
118Cend Finichair461–462Dinnshenchas of Cenn Finichair
119Mag Dá Gési324–325Dinnshenchas of Mag Dá Gési
119Mag Dá Gési462Dinnshenchas of Mag Dá Gési
120Lecht hÉile326–329Dinnshenchas of Lecht hÉile
120Lecht hÉile463Dinnshenchas of Lecht hÉile
121Lumman Tige Srafáin328–335Dinnshenchas of Lumman Tige Srafáin
121Lumman Tige Srafáin463–466Dinnshenchas of Lumman Tige Srafáin
122Dún Cuirc336–337Dinnshenchas of Dún Cuirc
122Dún Cuirc466Dinnshenchas of Dún Cuirc
123Druim Fíngin II466–467Dinnshenchas of Druim Fíngin II
123Druim Fíngin II336–339Dinnshenchas of Druim Fíngin II
124Slíab Cúa467Dinnshenchas of Slíab Cúa
124Slíab Cúa338–341Dinnshenchas of Slíab Cúa
125Cell Chorbbáin340–347Dinnshenchas of Cell Chorbbáin
125Cell Chorbbáin467–469Dinnshenchas of Cell Chorbbáin
126Druim nAssail346–351Dinnshenchas of Druim nAssail
126Druim nAssail470Dinnshenchas of Druim nAssail
127Snám Dá Én350–367.Dinnshenchas of Snám Dá Én
127Snám Dá Én471–473Dinnshenchas of Snám Dá Én
128Fert Medba473Dinnshenchas of Fert Medba
128Fert Medba366–367Dinnshenchas of Fert Medba
129Ard Ruide473–474Dinnshenchas of Ard Ruide
129Ard Ruide368–371Dinnshenchas of Ard Ruide
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