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Middle Irish commentary in the form of scholia accompanying copies of the Amra Choluim Chille.
Known copies of the early 7th-century (or late 6th-century) elegiac poem Amra Choluim Chille ascribed to Dallán Forgaill ultimately derive from an annotated redaction that was made in the beginning of the 11th century. The poem is here accompanied by extensive commentary in Middle Irish, comprising:
  1. A prose preface or introduction (rem-fhocul, not to be confused with the verse preface of the canonical poem), beginning ‘Loc dond remfhoculsa chetus Druimm Cetta ...’ in Rawlinson B 502. It tells that the poet Dallán Forgaill composed the Amra for Columba on the occasion of the convention at Druim Cett, where the abbot secured the release of Scandlán Mór, negotiated terms of peace between Ireland and the Irish settlers of Scotland and saved the learned classes from expulsion (Dallán recited it after the abbot's death). The story varies in length and detail from one manuscript version to another.
  2. Interlinear gloss to the Amra (verse preface and chapters I-IX)
Both preface and gloss cite verses, some of which are known from contexts elsewhere.
Initial words (prose)
  • Loc dond remfhoculsa chetus Druimm Cetta ...
“The place of this preface, first of all, was Druimm Cetta ...”

A distinction is sometimes made between a shorter and longer version of the commentary (e.g. Brian Ó Cuív, ‘Some items from Irish tradition’, Éigse 11 (1965–1966)).

First division
Second division
Additional fragments
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early 11th century
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316–317 Quotations from the Amra and its gloss direct link
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