Longes Labrada

  • Middle Irish
  • Cycles of the Kings
The version of the story of Labraid’s exile, Moriath and her harper, and his return to Ireland as it occurs in longer copies of the Amra Choluim Chille commentary.
Longes Labrada
The tale occurs without a title in the manuscripts. A tale with the title Longes Labrada occurs in version A of the medieval Irish tale lists (see the [[Medieval Irish tale lists/Immrama |immrama]]).
Context(s)The (textual) context(s) to which the present text belongs or in which it is cited in part or in whole.
  • Middle Irish
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Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
id. 80


Labraid Loingsech
Labraid Loingsech
(time-frame ass. with Irish legendary history)
also Labraid Lorc or Labraid Móen, legendary Irish king, son of Ailill Áine; regarded as an ancestor of the Laigin

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