Stokes, Whitley, “The prose tales in the Rennes dindshenchas”, Revue Celtique 16 (1895): 31–83, 135–167, 269–312, 468.

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“The prose tales in the Rennes dindshenchas”
Revue Celtique 16 (1895)
Revue Celtique 16 (1895).
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31–83, 135–167, 269–312, 468
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Stokes, Whitley, “The prose tales in the Rennes dindshenchas”, Revue Celtique 15 (1894): 272–336, 418–484.  

An edition and translation of the prose texts in the Dinnshenchas Érenn as they occur in Rennes, Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole, MS 598. Missing texts are supplied from the Book of Lecan version.

TLH – edition (I, pp. 277-336): <link> TLH – translation (I): <link> TLH – edition (II, pp. 418-484): <link> TLH – translation (II): <link> Celtic Digital Initiative: <link> Internet Archive – 272–336: <link> Internet Archive – 272–336: <link> Internet Archive – 418–484: <link> Internet Archive – 418–484: <link>
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no.Stokes’ titlePagesEntry in *selgā
81.1Ess Rúaid31–33 (§§ 1–3)Dinnshenchas of Ess Rúaid I
81.2Ess Ruaid31–33 (§ 4)Dinnshenchas of Ess Rúaid II
82Druim Cliab33–34Dinnshenchas of Druim Clíab
83Nemthenn34Dinnshenchas of Nemthenn
84Dubthír34–35Dinnshenchas of Dubthír
85Mag Slecht35–36Dinnshenchas of Mag Slecht
86Crechmáel36–37Dinnshenchas of Crechmáel
87Lia Nothain37–38Dinnshenchas of Lía Nothain
88Carn Furbaidi38–39Dinnshenchas of Carn Furbaide
89Ard Fothaid39–40Dinnshenchas of Ard Fothaid
90Mag n-Itha40Dinnshenchas of Mag nÍtha
91Ailech41–43Dinnshenchas of Ailech (prose)
92Carraic Lethdeirg43–44Dinnshenchas of Carraic Lethdeirg
93Mag Coba44Dinnshenchas of Mag Coba
94Ard Macha44–46Dinnshenchas of Ard Macha
95Lecht Óenfir Áife46–47Dinnshenchas of Lechtán Óenfhir Aífe
96Carn Máil48Dinnshenchas of Carn Máil
97Ráith Mór Maige Line48–49Dinnshenchas of Ráith Mór Maige Line
98.1Benn Boirchi49–50Dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche I
98.2Benn Boirchi50Dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche II
99Tailtiu50–51Dinnshenchas of Tailtiu
100Sliab Fúait II51–52Dinnshenchas of Slíab Fúait II
101Sliab Callann53Dinnshenchas of Slíab Callann
102Sruthar Matha54–55Dinnshenchas of Sruthar Matha
103Odba55Dinnshenchas of Odba
104Inber Cíchmaine56Dinnshenchas of Inber Cíchmaine
105Móin Tíre Náir56–57Dinnshenchas of Móin Tíre Náir
106Fich mBuana57–58Dinnshenchas of Fích mBúana
107Loch Gabar58–59Dinnshenchas of Loch dá Gabar
108Lusmag59–60Dinnshenchas of Lusmag
109Benn Codail60–61Dinnshenchas of Benn Codail
110Tlachtga61–62Dinnshenchas of Tlachtga
111Mag mBreg62–63Dinnshenchas of Mag mBreg
112Mag Léna63–64Dinnshenchas of Mag Léna
113Odras64–65Dinnshenchas of Odras
114Cleitech65–66Dinnshenchas of Cleitech
115Cerna66–67Dinnshenchas of Cerna
116Cloenloch67–68Dinnshenchas of Clóenloch
117Hirarus68–69Dinnshenchas of Irarus
118Mag Findabrach69–71Dinnshenchas of Mag Findabrach
119Lia Lindgatain71–72Dinnshenchas of Lía Lindgadain
120Gáirech72–73Dinnshenchas of Gáirech
121Luibnech73–74Dinnshenchas of Luibnech
122Lecc Thollchinn74–75Dinnshenchas of Lecc Thollchinn
123Indber mBicni75–76Dinnshenchas of Inber mBicne
124Loch Séta76Dinnshenchas of Loch Séta
125Tráig Tuirbi76–77Dinnshenchas of Tráig Thuirbe
126Bri Léith78–79Dinnshenchas of Brí Léith
127Tethba79–80Dinnshenchas of Tethba
128Loch Andind 7 Loch n-Uair80–81Dinnshenchas of Loch nAindind
129Druim Suamaich81–82Dinnshenchas of Druim Súamaig (prose)
130Dún mac Nechtain Scéne83Dinnshenchas of Dún mac Nechtain Scéne
131Medraide135–136Dinnshenchas of Medraige
132Carn Fráich136–139Dinnshenchas of Carn Fraích
133Ard na Riag139–140Dinnshenchas of Ard na Riag
134Inber mBuada140–141Dinnshenchas of Inber mBuada
135Dinda hÚa n-Amalgada141–143Dinnshenchas of Carn Amalgaid
136Mag Tibra142–144Dinnshenchas of Mag Tibra
137Sliab nGam145Dinnshenchas of Slíab nGam
138Loch Gile145–147Dinnshenchas of Loch Gile (prose)
139Áth Liac Find147–148Dinnshenchas of Áth Líac Find (prose)
140Druim Criaich148–150Dinnshenchas of Druim Criaich
141.1Tuag Inbir ocus Loch n-Echach150–153Dinnshenchas of Túag Inbir and Loch nEchach
141.2Tuag Inbir ocus Loch n-Echach150–153Dinnshenchas of Túag Inbir and Loch nEchach
142Benn Bóguine153–154Dinnshenchas of Benn Bóguine
143Sliab Betha154–155Dinnshenchas of Slíab Betha
144Áth nGabla ocus Urard155–157Dinnshenchas of Áth nGabla
145Coire mBreccáin157–159Dinnshenchas of Coire mBreccáin
146Benn Foibni159–160Dinnshenchas of Benn Foibne
147Mag Léige160–161Dinnshenchas of Lége
148Séig Mossad161–162Dinnshenchas of Séig Mossad
149Brefne 7rl162–164Dinnshenchas of Bréifne
150Loch Laiglinni164Dinnshenchas of Loch Laiglinde
151Loch Cenn164–165Dinnshenchas of Loch Cenn
152Mag Dumach165–166Dinnshenchas of Mag nDumach
153Cnucha166Dinnshenchas of Cnucha II
154Dún Máisc269–270Dinnshenchas of Dún Másc
155Srub Bó270–271Dinnshenchas of Srúb Bó
156Mag Tarbga ocus Findloch272Dinnshenchas of Mag Tarbga and Findloch
157Sliab Cua272–273Dinnshenchas of Slíab Cúa
158Loch Riach273–276Dinnshenchas of Loch Ríach
159Loch n-Oirbsen276–277Dinnshenchas of Loch nOirbsen
160Eó Rossa 7rl.277–279Dinnshenchas of Eó Rossa and other trees
161Emain Macha279–283Dinnshenchas of Emain Macha
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