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Category:Dinnshenchas Érenn

This category and the entries it contains represent an ongoing attempt to offer a guide to the bulky and diverse body of Irish placename lore known as Dinnshenchas Érenn. Please be aware that this is a work in progress. With a few possible exceptions, the prose and verse texts from all so-called ‘recensions’ of this compilation (A, B and C) are covered in relevant entries (listed below). The matter of deciding on the right base unit for each entry is evidently complicated by the existence of multiple recensions of the collection, the variation in forms used (prose, verse or both), narrative variation, and the appearance of some of the poems outside of the corpus. Unless there are good reasons to the contrary, prose and verse texts are usually considered together if they refer to the same placename and aetiological story. If, however, there are two such poems, or more, we have preferred to deal with them in separate entries (e.g. Druim Fingín). The resulting naming of entries is analogous to Edward Gwynn's numbering of the poems in his edition, except that the prose may belong here as well. Some examples:
  1. The poem on Marg, a woman who is said to have died of grief, is treated in Dinnshenchas of Slíab Mairge I, while the prose and verse tracts that deal with Marg, the steward (rechtaire) of the king of the Fomoire, are subsumed under Dinnshenchas of Slíab Mairge II.
  2. Dinnshenchas of Tonn Chlidna (prose) is separate from either of the two poems on the same placename because the story it tells is sufficiently distinct.
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