Genealogies of Irish saints

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  • Pátraic m. Calpraind m. Fhótaide
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ff. 51r (col. 1)–52r (col. 9)
Acephalous (leaves lost at the beginning).
Note: A 17th-century note to a copy of the Vita sancti Declani cites the Liber Sligunt (q.v.) as the source for a copy of the genealogies. The reference is likely to the Book of Lecan.
ff. 38ra34–42vc42
A scribal colophon is found at the end of this text.
f. 168
Copy of BL, MS Additional 30512
The recensio minor (abbreviated version)
Dubhaltach Mac Fhir Bhisigh’s Naoimhsheanchas, book VIII of his Leabhar geinealach
Ó Cléirigh’s recension, second part of the Genealogiae regum et sanctorum Hiberniae
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Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 42
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Related: Secht meic áille ÓengusaSecht meic áille Óengusa

An Early Irish poem (9 qq) attributed to Colum Cille on the seven sons of a certain Óengus: Mo Thrianóc, Itharnaisc, Eóganán, Torannán, Troscán, Mo Chullian and Agatán. According to the poem, they crossed the sea, presumably from Scotland, and founded a number of monasteries in Ireland, in what became Uí Néill territory in Meath and Leinster. By God’s grace, four of these sons are said have to died together on the same day (8 June).

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Muinter Pádraig na paiterMuinter Pádraig na paiter

Middle Irish poem containing a long list of members of St Patrick’s household and attributed to Flann, possibly for Flann Mainistrech.



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