Laídshenchas Laigen ‘The poetic lore of Leinster’

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A collection of verse on the kings and other notables of Leinster. It is found under the heading laídshenchas Laigen in the second volume of Rawlinson B 502.
  • Early Irish
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A chóicid choín Chairpri crúaidA chóicid choín Chairpri crúaidMetrical Esnada tige BuchetMetrical Esnada tige BuchetMiddle Irish poem which gives a version of the tale known in prose form as Esnada tige Buchet.
Cethri meic Airtt Mis-TelmannCethri meic Airtt Mis-TelmannShort poem (3qq) on the four sons of Art Mes Telmann.
Clanna Bresail Bricc builidClanna Bresail Bricc builidMiddle Irish poem on Leinster dynasties.
Cóic ríg tríchat do LaignibCóic ríg tríchat do LaignibMiddle Irish poem which, as the opening quatrain announces, lists 35 kings of Leinster who were high-kings of early Ireland, from Labraid Loingsech to Nad Buidb mac Eirc.Cóic ríg tríchat triallsat róeCóic ríg tríchat triallsat róeMiddle Irish poem (55qq) which enumerates early medieval kings of Leinster since the arrival of Christianity. According to M. A. O'Brien, who published an edition of the text, the poem is a composite work consisting of two parts: the first, longer series of stanzas (1-38) listing 35 kings from Crimthann mac Énnai Chennselaig to Fáelán mac Muiredaig (d. 934), together with two additional quatrains of slightly later date (39-40), and a final series (41-55) ending with Donnchadh mac Dúnlaing (d. 1036). The final kings in both parts are represented as being still alive.Crimthan clothrí cóicid hErendCrimthan clothrí cóicid hErendDia ngaba apgitir LagenDia ngaba apgitir LagenPoem. 14 stanzas. Metre: sétnad mórEol dam i ndairib dréchtaEol dam i ndairib dréchtaPoem on the battles of the Leinstermen and the heroes who fell at their handsFeidlimid athair EchachFeidlimid athair EchachMiddle Irish poem on battles fought by Cú Chorb, king of Leinster, with Eochaid Find Fúath nAirt, ancestor of the Fothairt, against the men of Munster.Fothairt for clannaib ConcorbFothairt for clannaib Concorb

Poem on St Brigit's people, the Fothairt, and their expulsion from Tara. It is 19 stanzas long in both manuscripts.

Is mo-chen, a Labraid láinIs mo-chen, a Labraid láinPoem in the form of a dialogue between Scoriath, Labraid Loingsech and MuiriathÓchtur Criathar cid diatáÓchtur Criathar cid diatá

Poem relating the dinnshenchas of Óchtur Criathar.

Orgguin trí mac Díarmata mic CerbaillOrgguin trí mac Díarmata mic CerbaillRo batar laeich do LaigneibRo batar laeich do LaigneibMiddle Irish poem on the birth of Áedan mac Gabráin, king of Dál Riata, and Brandub mac Echach, king of Leinster.
Secht ríg do Laignib na lergSecht ríg do Laignib na lergMiddle Irish poem on seven kings of Leinster who ruled in Ireland and Britain and whose rule extended as far as the English Channel (Muir n-Icht).


Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry



[1] Verse: Is mo-chen, a Labraid láin » entry


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