verse beg. Cóic ríg tríchat triallsat róe

  • Middle Irish
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Middle Irish poem (55qq) which enumerates early medieval kings of Leinster since the arrival of Christianity. According to M. A. O'Brien, who published an edition of the text, the poem is a composite work consisting of two parts: the first, longer series of stanzas (1-38) listing 35 kings from Crimthann mac Énnai Chennselaig to Fáelán mac Muiredaig (d. 934), together with two additional quatrains of slightly later date (39-40), and a final series (41-55) ending with Donnchadh mac Dúnlaing (d. 1036). The final kings in both parts are represented as being still alive.
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  • Cóic ríg tríchat triallsat róe
  • Middle Irish
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kings of Leinsterkings of Leinster
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