verse beg. Feidlimid athair Echach

  • Middle Irish
  • verse
Middle Irish poem on battles fought by Cú Chorb, king of Leinster, with Eochaid Find Fúath nAirt, ancestor of the Fothairt, against the men of Munster.
First words (verse)
  • Feidlimid athair Echach
  • Middle Irish
verse (primary)



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Cú Chorb mac Moga CorbCú Chorb mac Moga Corb
prehistoric king of Leinster; son of Mug Corb; given as the father of four eponymous progenitors of Leinster ruling families: Nia Corb (a quo Dál Niad Corb), Mess Corb (a quo Dál Messe/Messin Corb), Cormac (a quo Dál Cor(b)maic) and Cairpre Cluithechair (a quo Dál Coirbbri)
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Eochaid Find Fúath nAirtEochaid Find Fúath nAirt
(supp. fl. c.2nd century)
Eochaid Fúath nAirt
In Irish historical tradition, eponymous ancestor of the Fothairt, a son of Feidlimid Rechtaid and brother of Conn Cétchathach.
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Leinster/Cúige Laighean
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Munster/Cúige Mumhan
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435–438 [‘Cú Chorb and Echu Find Fuath nAirt’]
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