Koch, John T., and John Carey (eds), The Celtic Heroic Age. Literary sources for ancient Celtic Europe and early Ireland & Wales, 4th ed., Celtic Studies Publications, 1, Aberystwyth: Celtic Studies Publications, 2003.

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The Celtic Heroic Age. Literary sources for ancient Celtic Europe and early Ireland & Wales
Celtic Studies Publications
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4th 2003


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Part I: Ancient Celtic Europe

Two Gaulish Religious Inscriptions:
  • 1. The Tablet of Chamalieres
  • 2. The Tablet of Larzac
John T. Koch 1-4
The Classical Authors on the Ancient Celts:
3-16. Pre-Posidonian Authors:
  • 3. Hecataeus of Miletus
  • 4. Herodotus
  • 5. Plato
  • 6. Aristotle
  • 7. Ephorus
  • 8. Theopompus
  • 9-10. The Celts of the Balkans & Alexander the Great
    • 9. Ptolemy I
    • 10. Arrianus Flavius
  • 11. Sopater
  • 12. Phylarchus
  • 13. Anonymous poet
  • 14. Polybius
  • 15. Pseudo-Scymnus
  • 16. Nicander of Colophon
Philip Freeman 5-10
17-20. The Posidonian Tradition:
  • 17. Athenaeus
  • 18. Diodorus Siculus
Philip Freeman 10-15
  • 19. Strabo
Benjamin Fortson 15-19
  • 20. Julius Caesar
Anne Lea and Philip Freeman 20-15
  • 21. The Gauls' Invasion of Rome (Livy)
  • 22. The Gauls' Invasion of Greece (Justin)
23-37. The Classical Authors on the Druids
  • 38. The Skull Cup (Livy)
  • 39. The Foundation of Gaul (Diodorus)
  • 40-41. The Foundation of Marseilles
  • 42. King Catumandus and the Dream-Vision of the War-Goddess (Justin)
  • 43-44. The Poisoned Libation
  • 45-49. Ancient Celtic Women Leaders
  • 45. Onomaris
  • 46-47. Boudica
  • 48. Veleda (Tacitus)
  • 49. Cartimandua (Tacitus)
  • 50-64. Ireland before St Patrick (Avienus, Strabo, Isidorus, Tacitus, Ptolemy, Solinus, Ammianus Marcellinus, Pacatus, Jerome, Symmachus, Claudian)

Part II: Early Irish and Hiberno-Latin Sources

65-72. Early Irish Dynastic Poetry:

65. Mess-Telmann John T. Koch
66. Bressual Beolïach John T. Koch
67. Nidu dír dermait John Carey Nidu dír dermait
68. Núadu Necht John Carey Nuadu Necht ní dámair anflaith
69. Móen Óen John Carey Móen óen
70. Mára galgata John Carey Mára galgata
71. Lug scéith John Carey Lug scéith
72. Eochu art ara·chridethar cathrai John Carey Eochu art

73-86. Tales from the Ulster Cycle:

73. Compert Conchobuir The Conception of Conchobor son of Nes John Carey Compert Conchobuir
74. An Anecdote about Athairne in Bretha Nemed John Carey The birth of Athirne; Bretha nemed dédenach
75. Athairne's Greediness John Carey Athirne Áilgessach
76. Athairne & Amairgen John Carey Athirne and Amairgen (LL pp. 435-436)
77-78. Cu Chulainn & Senbecc (Versions A and B) John Carey Comrac Con Culainn re Senbecc
79. Cú Chulainn & Fedelm John Carey 67-68 Ces Ulad
80. The Story of Mac Da Tho's Pig & Hound Kuno Meyer Scéla mucce Meic Da Thó
81. Fled Bricrenn Bricriu's Feast George Henderson and John Carey Fled Bricrenn
82. Mesca Ulad The Intoxication of the Ulstermen Provisional translation based on the edition of Watson, J. Carmichael, Mesca Ulad (1941). Mesca Ulad
83 Echtrae Nera The Adventure of Nera John Carey Echtra Nerai
84. The Death of Lóegaire Buadach John Carey Aided Lóegairi Búadaig
85. The Death of Fergus Mac Róich John Carey Aided Fergusa meic Roich
86. The Death of Cú Chulainn John Carey Brislech Mór Maige Muirthemne (LL version)

87-91. Mythological Tales of Pre-Christian Kings:

87. The Origin of Dowth John Carey
88. De Gabáil in t-Sída The Taking of the Hollow Hill John Carey De gabáil in t-shída
89. Tochmarc Étaíne The Wooing of Étaín John Carey Tochmarc Étaíne
90. The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel Whitley Stokes, abridged and re-edited Togail bruidne Da Derga
91. Echtra Chorbmaic Uí Chuinn The Adventure of Cormac [son of Art and] Grandson of Conn John Carey 184-187 Scél na Fír Flatha, Echtra Cormaic i Tír Tairngiri, ocus Ceart Claidib Cormaic (Book of Fermoy version)

92. Wisdom literature:

92. Wisdom Literature: The Testament of Morann John Koch

93-96. Selections from the Finn Cycle:

  • 93. The Boyhood Deeds of Finn
John Carey 194-201 Macgnímartha Find
94-96. Severed Heads at Feasts: John Carey 201-202
94. From Bruiden Átha Í John Carey Bruiden Átha Í
95. From 'The death of Finn mac Cumaill' John Carey Aided Finn
96. From Sanas Cormaic John Carey Sanas Cormaic


97. Echtra Mac nEchach The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaid Mugmedón John Carey 203-208 Echtra mac nEchach Muigmedóin

98-99. Patrician Texts from the Book of Armagh (Excerpts)

100-101. The Death of Diarmait Mac Cerbaill

Translated by John Carey

100. [Book of Lismore version] John Carey Aided Diarmata meic Cerbaill II
101. [Egerton 1782 version] John Carey Aided Diarmata meic Cerbaill I

102-105. Tales of Mongán:

102. Compert Mongáin The Birth of Mongán John Carey (?) 217-218 Compert Mongáin
103. Scél asa mBerar Combad hé Find Mac Cumaill Mongán ⁊ aní día fil Aided Fothaid Airgdig a Scél so sís [LU version] Anne Lea 218-220 Scél asa mberar co mbad hé Find mac Cumaill Mongán ocus aní dia fíl aided Fothaid Airgdig
104. Tucait Baile Mongán inso The Occasion of the Recital of 'Mongán's Frenzy' [LU] Anne Lea 220 Tucait baili Mongáin
105. The Conversion of Colum Cille and the Youth at Carn Eolairg (Some say that he was Mongán mac Fiachna) John Carey 221-222 Immacallam Choluim Cille ⁊ ind óclaig


106. The First Utterance of Aí Son of Ollam [YBL] John Carey 222 Tréide cétna labratar iarna genemain
107. Scél Tuáin meic Chairill The Story of Tuán Son of Cairell John Carey 223-225 Scél Tuáin meic Cairill do Finnen Maige Bile


108. The Book of Invasions (First Recension) John Carey 226-271 Lebor gabála Érenn
  • 108.1. The Birth of Aed Slaine
  • 108.2. Fingal Ronain
  • 108/3. The Story of Mis and Dubh Rois
Not present

109. Giraldus Cambrensis's Topographia Hibernie

109. From Giraldus Cambrensis's Topographia Hibernie Philip Freeman Topographica Hibernica

Part III: Brittonic and Brittonic Latin Sources, Mostly Welsh

  • 110. Historia Brittonum
111-136. Early Welsh Heroic Poetry
  • 111. The Elegy of Cunedag
  • 112-115. Poems Mentioning Arthur
    • 112. Gereint fil. Erbin
    • 113. Preiddeu Annwvyn
    • 114. Pa Gur yv y Porthaur?
    • 115. The Death-Song of Uthyr Ben
  • 116. Trawsganu Kynan Garwyn
  • 117. Y Gododdin
118-128. Poems & Tales Relating to Uryen of Reget & His Dynasty, The Kynverching
  • 118. Gweith Gwen Ystrat
  • 119. Uryen Erechwydd
  • 120. Canu Taliesin V
  • 121. Gweith Argoet Llwyfein
  • 122. Arise, Reget, glory of kings!
  • 123. Yspeil Taliessin
  • 124-126. The Saga Englynion about Uryen's Head & Corpse
  • 127. The Soul of Owein Son of Uryen
  • 128-130. Three Welsh Texts Pertaining to Modron, Mabon, & The Kynverching Dynasty
  • 131-132. Poems about Cadwallon Son of Cadfan
  • 133-139. Poetry Relating to Cynddylan:
    • 133. Marwnad Cynddylan The death-song of Cynddylan
    • 134-138. Canu Heledd
137. Eryr Pengwern
138. Eglwysseu Bassa
139. Bryein Eccluys Teliau The exalted privilege of St Teilo's Church
140. The Poetry of Llywarch Hen Patrick K. Ford 371-390
141-142. Two Breton Foundation Legends:
  • 141. Vita Sancti Uuohednouii The Legend of St Goueznou
  • 142. De sancto Iudicaelo rege Historiae
John T. Koch 391-395
143. The Martial Eulogy from De sancto Iudicaelo John T. Koch 395-396
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