verse beg. Móen óen

  • Old Irish
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  • Early Irish poetry, rhymeless Leinster poems
One of the rhymeless ‘Leinster poems’
Initial words (verse)
  • Móen óen
In the Book of Lecan and LL p. 377b, the poem is ascribed to the same poet as that of Lug scéith.

The following inventory derives from Corthals (2003).(1)n. 1 Johan Corthals, ‘The rhymeless ‘Leinster poems’: diplomatic texts’, Celtica 24 (2003): 84–85.

  • Old Irish
verse (primary)
Textual relationships
Related: Lug scéithLug scéithOne of the rhymeless ‘Leinster poems’


Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry

rhymeless Leinster poemsLeinster poems
rhymeless Leinster poems
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Johan Corthals, ‘The rhymeless ‘Leinster poems’: diplomatic texts’, Celtica 24 (2003): 84–85.

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