Fled Bricrenn ‘The feast of Bricriu’

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  • Ulster Cycle
Fled Bricrenn
‘The feast of Bricriu’
Also spelled Fled Bricrend.
ff. 20r–25v
ff. 35r–36v pp. 69–76
part 5
Fragment, Cennach ind ruanada episode only.
p. 607
Glossed extracts.(1)n. 1 George Henderson, Fled Bricrend (1899): xxiv–xxx; Johan Corthals, Manuscript sources to Old and Middle Irish tales (MsOmit) (2010).
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verse (secondary)
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Related: Cles Con CulainnCles Con Culainn

A repertory of Cú Chulainn's feats, similar to that contained in Scéla Conchobuir meic Nessa.

Irish glossary from TCD 1337, pp. 623-628Irish glossary from TCD 1337, pp. 623-628Medieval Irish glossary in TCD 1337, pp. 623-628. Many of the entries are known from other works and learned compilations, such as Sanas Cormaic.


Ulster Cycle
Ulster Cycle
id. 1797



(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
hostel-keeper (briugu) in the Ulster Cycle of tales
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Cú ChulainnCú Chulainn
Young Ulster hero and chief character of Táin bó Cuailnge and other tales of the Ulster Cycle; son of Súaltam or Lug and Deichtire (sister to Conchobor); husband of Emer (ingen Forgaill)
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Conall CernachConall Cernach
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
Warrior of the Ulaid in the Ulster Cycle; son of Amergin and Findchóem. In Irish genealogies, he is presented as an ancestor of the kings of the Dál nAraidi and the Uí Echach Coba.
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Lóegaire BúadachLóegaire Búadach
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
Hero in tales of the Ulster Cycle; said to be a son of Connad Buide and grandson of Iliach
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Cú RoíCú Roí (mac Dáiri)
Cú Roí mac Dáire, Cú Roí mac Dáiri
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
Warrior and king of Munster in tales of the Ulster Cycle.
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George Henderson, Fled Bricrend (1899): xxiv–xxx; Johan Corthals, Manuscript sources to Old and Middle Irish tales (MsOmit) (2010).

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