Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill (Recension II) ‘The violent death of Díarmait mac Cerbaill’

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  • Cycles of the Kings, Aideda
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Mairg thachrus fri clerchibh ceall
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Related: Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill (Recension I)Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill (Recension I)A composite Middle Irish tale about the reign and (threefold) death of Díarmait mac Cerbaill, king of Ireland. A common theme is the king’s violation of ecclesiastical sanctuary or protection.
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Aided Bresail meic DíarmataAided Bresail meic Díarmata

A brief, early Irish saga and hagiographical legend, which relates how Díarmait mac Cerbaill had his son Bresal slain for appropriating a nun’s cow and how St Béccán rescued the soul of the king’s son from hell, resuscitating him.

Mairg thochrus fri cléirchib cellMairg thochrus fri cléirchib cell

Early Irish poem attributed to Díarmait mac Cerbaill. In recensions of his death-tale, he is made to utter this poem after two saints, Ciarán and Rúadán, had cursed him for having acted against the rights and authority of the church.


Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
id. 80


Díarmait mac Cerbaill
Díarmait mac Cerbaill
(supp. d. 565)
In Irish historical tradition, high-king of Ireland, son of Fergus Cerrbél.

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§ 100 Translation of a portion of the text

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