verse beg. Mairg thochrus fri cléirchib cell

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Early Irish poem attributed to Díarmait mac Cerbaill. In recensions of his death-tale, he is made to utter this poem after two saints, Ciarán and Rúadán, had cursed him for having acted against the rights and authority of the church.

First words (verse)
  • Mairg thochrus fri cléirchib cell
Ascribed to: Díarmait mac Cerbaill
Díarmait mac Cerbaill
(supp. d. 565)
In Irish historical tradition, high-king of Ireland, son of Fergus Cerrbél.

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pp. 149bl.25–150a
rubric: ‘Diarmait mac Cerbaill cecinit’
beg. ‘Mairg thochras ri clerchib cell’
19 stt.
pp. 15.19–16.inf
rubric: ‘Diarmait mac Cerbuill cecinit’
beg. ‘Mairg thachras re cleirchibh cell’
22 stt.

Embedded in Aided Diarmata meic Cerbaill, recensions I and II :

Extent unknown. O'Grady’s edition of the tale from Egerton 1782 offers the first quatrain only.

f. 136ra.19–rb.inf
beg. ‘Mairg thachrus fri clerchibh ceall’
22 qq. See transcripts from this manuscript for even further copies.
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Text of the poem as it stands in the second recension of Aided Díarmata from the Book of Lismore. There is no English translation in vol. 2, except for the opening line (p. 74, “Woe to him that with the clergy of the churches battle joins ...”).

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