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f. 132r–f. 135v
Buchedd Mair FadlenBuchedd Mair FadlenView incoming data
f. 56r
f. 161r
Working notes: Pymtheng Arwydd cyn Dydd Brawd
f. 47r–f. 49r
Pwyll y Pader o dull Hu SantPwyll y Pader o dull Hu SantView incoming data
f. 106v–f. 124v
Efengyl NicodemusEfengyl NicodemusView incoming data
f. 153r
f. 1r–f. 20v
Ystoria LucidarYstoria Lucidar
f. 62v–f. 71v
Buchedd DewiBuchedd Dewi

Middle Welsh Life of St David, which gives an abridged version of the Latin Life by Rhygyfarch ap Sulien.

f. 136r–f. 137r
Buchedd MarthaBuchedd MarthaView incoming data
f. 56r–f. 56v
Rhinweddau gwrando OfferenRhinweddau gwrando OfferenView incoming data
f. 125r–f. 129v
Ystorya Titus AspassianusYstorya Titus Aspassianus

Medieval Welsh version of the Vindicta Salvatoris, a Latin apocryphal text on the Crucifixion in which Titus, then a local ruler, avenges Christ by destroying Jerusalem.

f. 163v
Working notes: Ymdidan y corff a'r eneit
f. 49r–f. 51r
f. 159r–f. 159v
Working notes: Gwaeau
f. 161v–f. 163r
Englynion y clywaidEnglynion y clywaidView incoming data
f. 21r–f. 26r
Ystoria LucidarYstoria Lucidar
f. 71v–f. 76v
Buchedd BeunoBuchedd Beuno
f. 137r–f. 146v
Purdan PadrigPurdan PadrigView incoming data
f. 56v–f. 57v
Ystoria Adrian ac IpotisYstoria Adrian ac IpotisView incoming data
f. 129v–f. 130v
Ystoria BilatusYstoria BilatusView incoming data
Ends imperfect.
f. 163v–f. 164r
Working notes: Kyssul adaon
f. 51r–f. 52r
f. 159v
Working notes: Y pethau ni thalant ddim.
f. 164r–f. 164v
Cas-ddynion Selyf ddoethCas-ddynion Selyf ddoeth
f. 26r–f. 41r
Ymborth yr enaidYmborth yr enaidMiddle Welsh treatise on mysticism, in three parts.
f. 76v–f. 80r
f. 169v–f. 172v
Esgyniad Mair i’r NefEsgyniad Mair i’r Nef

Welsh versions of the Transitus Mariae Beatae.

f. 151r–f. 151v
Rhybudd Gabriel angel at FairRhybudd Gabriel angel at Fair

Middle Welsh prose version of the Annunciation to Mary from Luke 1:26-38.

f. 147r–f. 151r
Purdan PadrigPurdan PadrigView incoming data
f. 58r–f. 59v
Ystoria Adrian ac IpotisYstoria Adrian ac IpotisView incoming data
f. 164v–f. 169r
Working notes: Cynghorau Catwn
f. 52r–f. 54v
Breuddwyd PawlBreuddwyd PawlView incoming data
f. 160r–f. 160v
Working notes: Argoelion y Flwyddyn
f. 172v–f. 182v
Gwyrthyeu e Wynvydedic VeirGwyrthyeu e Wynvydedic VeirA Middle Welsh collection of (up to) 28 miracles of the Virgin Mary.
Breaks off, but continued in Cardiff MS 3.242, p. 101.
f. 43v–f. 47r
Py delw y dyly dyn credu y DuwPy delw y dyly dyn credu y DuwMiddle Welsh theological tract.
f. 41v–f. 42r
Y Drindod yn un DuwY Drindod yn un DuwView incoming data
f. 80r–f. 84v
Ystoria AddaYstoria Adda
f. 151v–f. 152r
f. 60r–f. 62v
Ystoria Adrian ac IpotisYstoria Adrian ac IpotisView incoming data
f. 131r–f. 131v
Buchedd CatrinBuchedd CatrinWork in progress
f. 54v–f. 56r
Epistol y SulEpistol y Sul
f. 160v–f. 161r
Working notes: Arwyddion Calan Ionawr
Lacuna. The missing leaves are found in Peniarth 12, ff. 39r-58v.
f. 42r–f. 43v
Credo seint AthanasiusCredo seint AthanasiusView incoming data
f. 84v–f. 101v
f. 152r–f. 153r
f. 102r–f. 106v
Y GroglithY Groglith
Delw y bydDelw y byd

Delw y byd is a Middle Welsh translation of Book 1 of the medieval Latin encyclopedia Imago mundi, written by Honorius Augustodunensis.

Contains Version A of Delw y Byd, copied from cols. 975-999 of the Red Book of Hergest (Jesus, Oxford College, MS 111)

Work in progress

This is a proof of concept and is therefore provided as-is. It is intended as a discovery tool which lets you search items in manuscripts, or to be more precise, items in the tables of contents that have been made available as part of our entries about manuscripts. Being able to do so was thought useful and important in part because many texts await proper identification in the database (or even in scholarship) and in part because there is more to manuscripts than simply the texts they preserve.


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