Lebor gabála Érenn, first redaction ‘The book of the taking of Ireland’

  • Middle Irish
  • prose, prosimetrum
  • Cycles of the Kings, Irish legendary history, Lebor gabála Érenn, Mythological Cycle
This page is currently a placeholder. It is intended to describe the so-called first recension of Lebor gabála Érenn.
F (Scowcroft, Macalister) =
A copy of 44 pages (22 folios), the first part of which is now bound with the Book of Fermoy:
F1 (Macalister) =
ff. 1–8 pp. 1–16
Fragment bound in front of the Book of Fermoy.
F2 (Macalister) =
ff. 9–22
The order of the folios is disturbed.
Two fragments, with the verse reduced or omitted
  • Middle Irish
  • Middle Irish

11th-12th century
prose, prosimetrum (primary)
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A chóemu cláir Chuinn choímfhinnA chóemu cláir Chuinn choímfhinn

Middle Irish poem (25 qq) attributed to Eochaid úa Flainn concerning the first settlements of Ireland by Cessair and Partholón. The poem as we have it was incorporated in the Lebor gabála Érenn and is common to all major recensions.

A Emain idnach óebindA Emain idnach óebind

Middle Irish poem which is concerned with the origins of Emain Macha and is attested as a poem incorporated in recensions of Lebor gabála Érenn. While the Book of Leinster version seems to break off after 16 qq, the longer version which occurs in other recensions (46 qq) has a final quatrain which attributes the poem to Eochaid úa Flainn.

Capa is Laigni is Luasad grindCapa is Laigni is Luasad grind

Early Irish poem (9 st.) in Lebor gabála Érenn concerning the arrival of three fishermen from Spain to Ireland before the Flood.

Dinnshenchas of Emain MachaDinnshenchas of Emain MachaProse story relating the dinnshenchas for Emain Macha.Éstid a éolchu cen ónÉstid a éolchu cen ónMiddle Irish poem attributed to Flann Mainistrech, embedded in a number of recensions of the Lebor gabála Érenn (Min, A and C, but not in B).Góedel Glas ó tát GoídilGóedel Glas ó tát GoídilDo flaithiusaib ⁊ aimseraib hÉrend iar CreitimDo flaithiusaib ⁊ aimseraib hÉrend iar CreitimA king-list in continuation of Réim rígraide. The greater part runs from Lóegaire mac Néill in the 5th century to Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill (d. 1022), while a final section deals with a number of ‘kings with opposition’ until Ruaidrí mac Toirrdelbaig Ua Conchobair (late 12th century).


Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
id. 80
Irish legendary historyIrish legendary history

Lebor gabála Érenn
Lebor gabála Érenn
id. 4019
Mythological CycleMythological Cycle


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§ 108. Translation of the first recension.

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