verse beg. Éstid a éolchu cen ón

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Middle Irish poem attributed to Flann Mainistrech, embedded in a number of recensions of the Lebor gabála Érenn (Min, A and C, but not in B).
First words (verse)
  • Éstid a éolchu cen ón
“Listen, scholars, without flaw”
Ascribed to: Flann Mainistrech
Flann Mainistrech
(d. 1056)
Middle Irish poet ass. with Monasterboice (Mainistir Buite)

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  • Middle Irish
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas: 37
Textual relationships
Related: Dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche IIDinnshenchas of Benn Boirche IIProse and verse texts on the dinnshenchas of Benn Boirche (Mourne Mountains, Co. Down - see Gwynn).


Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry

Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry


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