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Welsh manuscript collection of religious texts, mainly in the hand of Hywel Fychan. Other parts of the original manuscript are are in Peniarth MS 12 and Cardiff MS 3.242.

  • c.1400
  • , Hywel Fychan ap Hywel Goch
  • s. xiv1
  • Anonymous [hand in Harl. 4353, Cot. Cleo. A xiv and Book of Taliesin]
  • c. 1350

Welsh paper manuscript (434 pp.) written by Syr Huw Pennant around or by 1514.

  • c.1514
  • , Huw Pennant [Syr]

Manuscript known best as the Book of Aneirin (Llyfr Aneirin), containing the heroic poem Y Gododdin and a number of gorchanau.

  • s. xiii2

Latin text of Welsh law, which was known to lawyers active in Gwynedd during the 13th century. This text or a related one may have provided the basis for the Latin text in London, British Library, MS Cotton Vespasian E xi, which refers to matters relating to both Gwynedd and south-west Wales. It has been suggested that the Llyfr y Tŷ Gwyn text became known in Gwynedd through the agency of Cadwgan, bishop of Bangor (1215-1236) and abbot of Whitland before that.

  • s. xiv-xv
  • , Anonymous [scribe I of Llyfr Coch Hergest], Hywel Fychan ap Hywel Goch, Anonymous [scribe of Llyfr Teg]
  • 1346
  • , Anonymous [anchorite of Llandewi Brefi]