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Welsh manuscript collection of religious texts, mainly in the hand of Hywel Fychan. Other parts of the original manuscript are in Peniarth MS 12 and Cardiff MS 3.242.

  • c.1400
  • Hywel Fychan ap Hywel Goch
Not yet published.
  • 1590-1592
  • John Brooke [of Mawddwy]
Not yet published.
  • s. xviiin
  • John Jones [of Gellilyfdy]

Transcript of a good part of Y Gododdin from the Llyfr Aneirin.

  • 1783
  • William Owen Pughe
Not yet published.
  • s. xvi
  • William Bullock [registrar of St Asaph]

A collection of early Welsh poetry, including religious poems, praise poems and elegies.

  • c. 1250
  • Black Book of Carmarthen scribe

A composite Welsh manuscript compiled, perhaps in the 1580s, by one Hugh Evans.

  • s. xiv–xvii
  • Hugh Evans [Denbighshire clergyman, fl. 16th c.]
Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, Peniarth MS 12

Two vellum quires containing an incomplete text of Ystoria Lucidar, a Welsh version of the Elucidarium, in the hand of Hywel Fychan. The Red Book of Talgarth (NLW Llanstephan MS 27) has been identified as the original context for these leaves.

  • s. xivex/xvin
  • Hywel Fychan ap Hywel Goch, Hugh Evans [Denbighshire clergyman, fl. 16th c.]
Not yet published.
  • s. xv2
  • Gwilym Tew