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  • s. xivex/xvin
  • Giolla Íosa Mac Fhir Bhisigh

Composite Irish manuscript consisting of many fragments.

  • various

Nine leaves which previously belonged to the Book of Lecan (RIA 23 P 2).

  • xvin
  • s. xii2
  • Áed Úa Crimthainn [abbot of Terryglass], Anonymous [LL scribe for bishop Finn of Kildare], Anonymous [LL scribe T], Anonymous [LL scribe U], Anonymous [LL scribe M], Anonymous [LL scribe S]
Not yet published.

English common book of prayer, with many manuscript additions, including poems in Irish.

  • c.1700
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1392

Three Breton vocabularies and a charter relating to Strata Florida, found among the papers of Edward Lhuyd.

  • s. xviiex/xviiiin
Not yet published.

A book of prayer intended for use by Catholics of Ireland, including printed pieces.

  • s. xix
Not yet published.

A copy of the Book of Lecan, created on parchment by Eugene O’Curry.

  • s. xix
  • Eugene O'Curry
Not yet published.

An imperfect copy of the Book of Leinster, created by Eugene O’Curry and dated 1852.

  • s. xix
  • Eugene O'Curry

Two leaves, now in Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1436, which formerly belonged to the Book of the White Earl (see Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 610, ff. 59–72 + 123–146). It contains a part of the Dinnshenchas Érenn, covering ten places in Ireland.

  • 1453 x 1454
Not yet published.

Scribble book containing Irish poems in the hand of John O’Donovan.

  • s. xix
  • John O'Donovan

Irish manuscript containing (1) ten leaves that formerly belonged to the Book of Leinster, where they covered pp. 355–374; and (2) a final, unrelated leaf.

  • s. xii
Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 3

A single leaf which was bound together with ten detached leaves of the Book of Leinster.

Pocket-sized gospel book.

  • s. viii/ixin
  • Cadmug
Not yet published.

An Irish manuscript now lost but mentioned by Geoffrey Keating in his Foras feasa ar Éirinn. In his prologue he lists the Leabhar Chluana h-Eidhneach Fionntain i Laoighis (‘The book of Clonenagh of Fintan in Laoighis’) among the books of learning (senchas) that were still in existence in his time, whether in original or copied form. A number of further references and citations by Keating suggest that it contained a set of annals, which as Joan Radner has argued, may be related to the now Fragmentary annals of Ireland.

  • 1152 x 1634?

Manuscript used as an exemplar for texts in the Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 P 12.

Not yet published.

Lost Irish manuscript of unknown date which according to later colophons, contained a text of Betha Findchua that was copied into the ‘Short book of Ó Buadhacháin’, also lost, and on the basis of the latter, into other manuscripts, including the Book of Lismore.

  • date unknown