Leabhar Chlúana hEidnech Leabhar Chlúana hEidnech

  • Irish
  • 1152 x 1634?
  • Irish manuscripts
  • parchment

An Irish manuscript now lost but mentioned by Geoffrey Keating in his Foras feasa ar Éirinn. In his prologue he lists the Leabhar Chluana h-Eidhneach Fionntain i Laoighis (‘The book of Clonenagh of Fintan in Laoighis’) among the books of learning (senchas) that were still in existence in his time, whether in original or copied form. A number of further references and citations by Keating suggest that it contained a set of annals, which as Joan Radner has argued, may be related to the now Fragmentary annals of Ireland.

Leabhar Chlúana hEidnech
Irish annals
Provenance and related aspects
1152 x 1634?
The latest event cited by Keating from the annals of Clonenagh is the Synod of Kells in 1152. Unless this represents a later addition to the manuscript, the annals must have been compiled after that date, though how much later is unknown. The completion of Keating’s work (c.1634) provides an outer limit.
Origin, provenance
Provenance: Ireland
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Clúain Eidnech
Clúain Eidnech ... Clonenagh
County Laois
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Hands, scribes
Codicological information
State of existence
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