Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1392 Unit: 5

  • Latin, Breton, French
  • s. xviiex/xviiiin
  • Welsh manuscripts
  • paper
Three Breton vocabularies and a charter relating to Strata Florida, found among the papers of Edward Lhuyd.
Part of
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1392 (1392, H 5. 20) [s. xviiex/xviiiin]


  • Three Armoric Vocabularies, and a Charter.
  • The first (11 pp.) begins with C (except for one line under B); the second (6 pp.), in a different hand, begins with Di, and does not proceed beyond Pe. These two differ very much as to the words included. The first contains words not in the vocabulary printed by Lhwyd. It has a supplementary page to the letter G. The second was originally written in Armoric and French (the English is added by another hand); it contains a few of the words in the printed book. The third consists of 4 pp. of a Latin-French-Armoric vocabulary containing only the letters P Q R S.
  • There is also included in this portion an imperfect copy of a charter relating to the Abbey of Strata Florida (3 pp.).
Provenance and related aspects
Latin, Breton, French
s. xviiex/xviiiin
Abbott does not offer a date.
Origin, provenance
Origin: ass. with Lhuyd (Edward)
Lhuyd (Edward)
(d. 1709)
No short description available

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Abbott, T. K., and E. J. Gwynn, Catalogue of the Irish manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co, 1921.
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