Trecheng breth Féne, or Triads of Ireland‘A triadic arrangement of the judgments/sayings of the Irish’

  • Old Irish
  • Medieval Irish wisdom literature

With sigla as assigned by Meyer:

  • Old Irish
  • Old Irish.

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Medieval Irish wisdom literatureMedieval Irish wisdom literature


§§ 1-31: Irish monasteries » entry

§§ 32-61: Places and peoples » entry

§§ 33-115: miscellaneous » entry

§§ 116-123: Tréde neimthigedar... » entry

§§ 124-148: miscellaneous » entry

§§ 149-186: a legal series of triads » entry

§§ 187-214: miscellaneous » entry

§§ 215-229: miscellaneous » entry

§§ 230-256: miscellaneous » entry



Kuno Meyer, The instructions of King Cormac mac Airt (1909): x note 1.
Kuno Meyer, The instructions of King Cormac mac Airt (1909): x note 1.

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Shean-Ghaeilge (website of Dennis King) – edition and translation: <link> CELT – edition: <link> CELT – translation: <link> Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link>

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