Rule of Fothud na Canóine

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Rule of Fothud na Canóine
Also known as Ríagal Mo Chutu, the Rule of Mochutu.
Ascribed to: Mo Chutu of Rahan and LismoreMo Chutu of Rahan and Lismore
(d. 637)
Mo Chutu mac Fínaill, Carthach (the younger), Mo Chutu of Rahan, Mo Chutu of Lismore
Mo Chutu mac Fínaill (Carthach the younger), patron saint of Rathan (Rahan, Co. Offaly) and Les Mór (Lismore, Co. Wexford)
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Fothud na CanóineFothud (or Fothad)
(d. 819)
Fothad na Canóine
early Irish poet who was attached to the church of Othain (now Fahan, Inishowen barony, Co. Donegal)
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Ascribed to Fothud na Canóine (d. 819) in RIA MS 23 N 10; to St Mo Chutu / St Carthach (d. 637) in Leabhar Breac, Additional 30512, YBL, and TCD 1285 (H 1. 11).
  • Old Irish
Beginning of the 9th century (Strachan).


Texts associated with the Céli DéTexts associated with the Céli Dé


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