Lebor gabála Érenn, third redaction ‘The book of the taking of Ireland’

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This page is currently a placeholder. It is intended to describe the so-called third recension of Lebor gabála Érenn.
L (Scowcroft) / M (Macalister) =
ff. 264–311
Macalister's siglum M.
B =
Three 18th-century copies containing readings lost from BB. Scowcroft (1988) notes that the texts themselves “represent separate branches of the BB tradition” (87 n. 27).
pp. 29–105
Copy from the Book of Ballymote. Macalister's siglum β.
pp. 29–125
Copy from the Book of Ballymote. Macalister's siglum β1.
pp. 1–135
Copy from the Book of Ballymote. Macalister's siglum β2.
H =
pp. 97–104
Fragment. Cf. the version of Togail Tuir Chonaind on p. 67, which appears to have belonged originally to the same manuscript.
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  • Middle Irish and Early Modern Irish.
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A chóemu cláir Chuinn choímfhinnA chóemu cláir Chuinn choímfhinn

Middle Irish poem (25 qq) attributed to Eochaid úa Flainn concerning the first settlements of Ireland by Cessair and Partholón. The poem as we have it was incorporated in the Lebor gabála Érenn and is common to all major recensions.

A Emain idnach óebindA Emain idnach óebind

Middle Irish poem which is concerned with the origins of Emain Macha and is attested as a poem incorporated in recensions of Lebor gabála Érenn. While the Book of Leinster version seems to break off after 16 qq, the longer version which occurs in other recensions (46 qq) has a final quatrain which attributes the poem to Eochaid úa Flainn.

Augaine Már mac ríg hÉrendAugaine Már mac ríg hÉrendBóroma Laigen na leargBóroma Laigen na leargÉrimón is Éber ardÉrimón is Éber ardMiddle Irish poem attributed to Flann Mainistrech.
Éstid a éolchu cen ónÉstid a éolchu cen ónMiddle Irish poem attributed to Flann Mainistrech, embedded in a number of recensions of the Lebor gabála Érenn (Min, A and C, but not in B).Góedel Glas ó tát GoídilGóedel Glas ó tát GoídilIn chloch fors' tát mo dí sháilIn chloch fors' tát mo dí sháilA Middle Irish poem attributed to Cináed úa hArtacáin, of which one quatrain on the Lía Fáil in Tara is preserved in recensions of the Lebor gabála Érenn.Do flaithiusaib ⁊ aimseraib hÉrend iar CreitimDo flaithiusaib ⁊ aimseraib hÉrend iar CreitimA king-list in continuation of Réim rígraide. The greater part runs from Lóegaire mac Néill in the 5th century to Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill (d. 1022), while a final section deals with a number of ‘kings with opposition’ until Ruaidrí mac Toirrdelbaig Ua Conchobair (late 12th century).Mórchath Ocha fersaitirMórchath Ocha fersaitir

An item of verse attributed to Becc mac Dé and quoted in a number of annalistic and similar historical contexts. It refers to the battle of Ocha (dated c.482) and the death of Ailill Molt.

Rí rogab Temair na trebRí rogab Temair na treb

Medieval Irish poem giving a summary of the story of the Bórama.

Sáerchlanna Érenn uileSáerchlanna Érenn uileA syllabic poem incorporated in the two Middle Irish recensions of the saga concerning the revolt of the aithech-thúatha, Bruiden Meic Da Réo and Scél ar Chairbre Cinn Cait. It consists of twelve stanzas.Tuán mac Cairill ro closTuán mac Cairill ro closTúathal Techtmar ba rí TemrachTúathal Techtmar ba rí Temrach

Poem (53qq) on the Bóroma and a concluding note in prose.


Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
id. 80
Irish legendary historyIrish legendary history

Lebor gabála Érenn
Lebor gabála Érenn
id. 4019
Mythological CycleMythological Cycle


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