Irish litany of the Trinity

  • Middle Irish
  • prose
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Early Irish prose litany addressed to the Trinity.
First words (prose)
  • Airchis dín, a Dé Athair uili-cumachtaig
Ascribed to: Mugrón [abbot of Iona]Mugrón ... abbot of Iona
(d. c.981)
Abbot of Iona and supposed author of a number of vernacular Irish poems. His obit in AFM remembers him as ‘scribe/writer and bishop, sage of the three divisions’ (scribhnidh ⁊ epscop, saoi na t-Tri Rand).
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Ascr. to Mugrón, heir of St Columba (i.e. abbot of Iona), in Rawlinson B 512. The text in YBL is found without ascription. The true author of the litany is unknown. O'Curry attributed the YBL text to Ailerán/Airerán of Clonard on the basis of the occurrence of the word oirchis (‘mercy’), which is glossed in TCD H 3. 18 “as it is said in the prayers of Airinán the Wise” (not to be identified wtih Airerán, abbot of Tallaght, according to O'Curry).
  • Middle Irish
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comments: Posthumous publication of three translations by Eugene O'Curry, each of them introduced by the editors of the journal (‘a society of clergymen under episcopal sanction’):
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