Hull, Eleanor (ed.), The Cuchullin saga in Irish literature: being a collection of stories relating to the hero Cuchullin, Grimm Library, 8, London, 1898.

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The Cuchullin saga in Irish literature: being a collection of stories relating to the hero Cuchullin
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[1] “The birth of Conachar” [view separate entry]
adapted from the translation by Kuno Meyer
[2] “How Conachar gained the kingship over Ulster”
adapted from the translation of O'Curry (1861: 274, 636)
Taken from: Eugene O'Curry, Lectures on MS materials (1861)
[3] “The origin of Cuchullin”
from the French translation of Louis Duvau
[4] “Tragical death of the sons of Usnach”
from the translations by Whitley Stokes and O'Flanagan
[5] “The wooing of Emer and Cuchullin's education under Scathach”
translated by Kuno Meyer
Taken from: Kuno Meyer, ‘The wooing of Emer’, Archaeological Review 1 (1888)
[6] “The siege of Howth”
tr. Whitley Stokes
Taken from: Whitley Stokes, ‘The siege of Howth’, Revue Celtique 8 (1887)
[7] “The debility of the Ultonian warriors”
from the German of Ernst Windisch
Taken from: Ernst Windisch, ‘Über die irische Sage Noinden Ulad’, Berichte über die Verhandlungen der Königlich Sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig, Philologisch-Historische Classe 36 (1884)
[8] “The appearance of the Morrigu to Cuchullin before the Táin bó Cuailgne”
from the German of Ernst Windisch
[9] “The Táin bó Cuailnge” [view separate entry]
analysis with extracts by Standish Hayes O'Grady
[10] “The instruction of Cuchullin to a prince”
from the translations of Eugene O'Curry and d’Arbois de Jubainville
[11] “The great defeat of the plain of Muirthemne before Cuchullin’s death” [view separate entry]
translated by Standish Hayes O'Grady
[12] “The tragical death of Cuchullin”
tr. Whitley Stokes
[13] “The tragical death of King Conachar”
from the translation of Eugene O'Curry
[14] “The phantom chariot of Cuchullin” [view separate entry]
from the translation by O'Beirne Crowe
Hull (Eleanor), “Additional notes”
Hull (Eleanor), “Appendix 1: Chart of the Conachar-Cuchullin saga”
Hull (Eleanor), “Appendix 2: Outline of the movements of the hosts in Táin bó Cuailgne”
Hull (Eleanor), “Appendix 3: Conspectus of the gathering of Ulster at the Hill of Slane (Táin bó Cuailgne)”
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