Scéla Conchobuir meic Nessa ‘The story of Conchobar mac Nessa’

  • Early Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Ulster Cycle
Medieval Irish saga concerning the career of Conchobar mac Nessa, king of the Ulaid
prose (primary)
Textual relationships
The first three paragraphs are also found in Compert Conchobuir.
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A repertory of Cú Chulainn's feats, similar to that contained in Scéla Conchobuir meic Nessa.

Compert ConchobuirCompert ConchobuirThe story of the conception and birth of Conchobar mac Nessa.


Ulster Cycle
Ulster Cycle
id. 1797



Conchobar mac NessaConchobar mac Nessa
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
king of the Ulaid in tales of the Ulster Cycle; son either of Cathbad or Fachtna Fáthach (father) and Ness (mother); husband of Mugain; father of Cormac Cond Longas, Cúscraid Mend Macha, Furbaide Fer Bend and Fedelm Noíchrothach; fosterfather of Cú Chulainn.
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(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
hostel-keeper (briugu) in the Ulster Cycle of tales
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(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
druid to Conchobar mac Nessa, king of Ulster, in the Ulster Cycle; husband of Ness and possible father of Conchobar mac Nessa.
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Conall CernachConall Cernach
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
Warrior of the Ulaid in the Ulster Cycle; son of Amergin and Findchóem. In Irish genealogies, he is presented as an ancestor of the kings of the Dál nAraidi and the Uí Echach Coba.
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Cú ChulainnCú Chulainn
Young Ulster hero and chief character of Táin bó Cuailnge and other tales of the Ulster Cycle; son of Súaltam or Lug and Deichtire (sister to Conchobor); husband of Emer (ingen Forgaill)
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Fergus mac RóichFergus mac Róich
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
warrior in tales of the Ulster Cycle; former king of Ulster in exile in Connacht; Medb’s lover
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Ness ingen Echach SálbuidiNess ingen Echach Sálbuidi
mother of Conchobar (mac Nessa), king of Ulster in the Ulster Cycle, by the druid Cathbad; daughter of Eochaid Sálbuide, a previous king of Ulster
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