Aithed Emere (le Tuir nGlesta mac rig Lochlann)‘The elopement of Emer (with Tuir Glesta, son of the King of Lochlann)’

  • Late Middle Irish, Early Modern Irish
  • prose
  • Ulster Cycle
  • Late Middle Irish Early Modern Irish
  • Late Middle or Early Modern Irish?

Thurneysen: “Die kurze Erzählung findet sich jetzt nur — ohne Titel — in K. Ir. Ac, D. 4. 2 (um 1300) [...] Viel älter als jenes wird sie nicht sein, ist jedenfalls nicht über das 12. Jahrhundert hinaufzurücken. So fehlt sie anch in beiden Sagenlisten”.

prose (primary)
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A Emir nirsam runaA Emir nirsam runaView incoming data


Ulster Cycle
Ulster Cycle
id. 1797


Cú ChulainnCú Chulainn
Young Ulster hero and chief character of Táin bó Cuailnge and other tales of the Ulster Cycle; son of Súaltam or Lug and Deichtire (sister to Conchobor); husband of Emer (ingen Forgaill)
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Emer ingen ForgaillEmer ingen Forgaill
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
wife of Cú Chulainn in the Ulster Cycle of tales
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Tuir GlestaTuir Glesta
Tuir Glesta, son of the King of Lochlann
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[ed.] [tr.] Meyer, Kuno [ed.], “Irish miscellanies: Anecdota from the Stowe MS. n° 992”, Revue Celtique 6 (1883–1885): 173–186.
Internet Archive: <link>
184–185 ‘The elopment of Emer with Tuir Glesta, son of the King of Norway’. Edited and translated.

Secondary sources (select)

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comments: Part 1 (chapters 1-23): Allgemeines; Part 2 (chapters 1-85): Die Ulter Sage
Internet Archive: <link>
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