Aided Máelodráin ‘The violent death of Máelodráin’

  • Middle Irish, Old Irish
  • prose
  • Cycles of the Kings, Aideda
  • Middle Irish Old Irish
  • Middle Irish, with Old Irish forms. David Greene suggests that the text may date back to the Old Irish period: “In their present form these stories [Aided Máelodráin and Orgguin trí mac Diarmata mic Cerbaill] show a confusion of earlier and later forms, and there are so many minor variations of wording that it would be hard to come to any conclusion as to the original text. But enough archaic forms are preserved […] to make it possible that the date of the original composition was within the Old Irish period.”(1)n. 1 David Greene, Fingal Rónáin and other stories (1955): 47.
prose (primary)
Textual relationships
Related: Dinnshenchas of Móin Gai GlaisDinnshenchas of Móin Gai GlaisDinnshenchas of Móin Gai Glais, in prose and verse. When Cúldub mac Déin slays one Fidrad at Samain, Gae Glas, grandson of Lug, comes to avenge Fidrad's death and kills Cúldub with a spear. The prose version, which is generally fuller, adds that the spear entered the ground and was not found until Máel Odrán dug it up and used it to kill Aithechdae, king of Uí Máil. The prose also identifies the spear as the Carr of Belach Duirgen.


Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
id. 80



David Greene, Fingal Rónáin and other stories (1955): 47.

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