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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS français 22320-22321

Large 17th-century paper manuscript (889 pp.), which is the second of two volumes containing a history of the ‘reform of the nobility of Brittany’. The present volume covers Rennes, Dol, Quimper, Saint-Brieuc and Tréguier and also includes a section (p. 601ff.) containing transcripts and summaries of the Lives of Breton saints.

  • s. xvii
  • Rennes, Archives de l'évêché de Rennes, Cartulaire de Redon
Not yet published.

A notebook of the historian Pierre Le Baud (d. 1505), which contains a collection of historical as well as hagiographic materials and notes.

  • s. xvex

A compilation of 22 items concerning Jansenism and the Jesuits.

  • s. xviii1

Religious and secular materials in Irish, including: a Middle Irish Life of Colmán mac Luachán, and on ff. 90-125, dinnshenchas. Two leaves are missing between f. 114 and f. 115.

  • s. xv (?)
Rennes, Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole, MS 598
Not yet published.
  • s. xvi?
Rennes, Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole, MS 598

A manuscript of the Irish Life of Colmán of Lann (Betha Colmáin maic Lúacháin).

  • s. xv
Rennes, Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole, MS 598
  • s. xiii/xiv (?)
Not yet published.

Manuscript (2 vols) written by Le Pelletier for use in compiling his dictionary, which was published, posthumously, in 1752. In addition to the dictionary, it also includes transcripts of Breton-language materials he consulted, including unique copies of some Middle Breton literary texts.

  • 1716
  • Louis Le Pelletier