Betha Colmáin maic Lúacháin ‘The Life of Colmán mac Lúacháin’

  • Middle Irish
  • prose, verse
  • Irish hagiography
  • Middle Irish
  • Middle Irish.

12th century
prose, verse (primary)
Contains poems
Genfid úait-siu, a Lasair lán’ • ‘Amra gein gignither’ • ‘Mo mac, inmain hé’ • ‘Cethri fichit sé fir déc’ • ‘Colmán Lámglan, / lór a gile’ • ‘A Dúngail óicc feramail’ • ‘Colmán Lainde / flatha fine’ • ‘Do Chríst atlochar-sa’ • ‘Inmuin tríar táet and’ • ‘Fearr fer andát fir’ • ‘Bíaid mac amra acat-sa’ » etcetera
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Inmain tríar táed annInmain tríar táed annMedieval Irish poem (13 qq) concerning the ‘three Colmáns’, including Colmán mac Lúacháin, patron of Lann (Lynn, Co. Westmeath), attributed to bishop Etchen.


Irish hagiographyIrish hagiography

Irish hagiographyIrish hagiography


Colmán of Lann
Colmán of Lann
(fl. 7th century)
Colmán mac Lúacháin, patron saint of Lann, now Lynn (Co. Westmeath)

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[ed.] [tr.] Meyer, Kuno [ed. and tr.], Betha Colmáin maic Lúacháin: Life of Colmán son of Lúachan, Todd Lecture Series, 17, Dublin: Hodges Figgis, 1911.
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