Ruth P. M. (Ruth Preston Miller)
b. 18 February 1912–d. 4 April 2000

11 publications between 1954 and 1997 indexed
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Works authored

Lehmann, Ruth P. M. [ed. and tr.], Early Irish verse, Austin: University of Texas Press, 1982.
Lehmann, Ruth P. M., and Winfred P. Lehmann, An introduction to Old Irish, New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1975.
Lehmann, Ruth P. M. [ed.], Fled Dúin na nGéd, Mediaeval and Modern Irish Series, 21, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1964.
CELT – edition: <link>

Contributions to journals

Lehmann, Ruth P. M., “Poems from the Death of Cú Chulainn”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 49–50 (1997): 432–439.
Lehmann, Ruth P. M., “Irish patterns of poetry”, Studia Celtica Japonica (New Series) 5 (1992): 1–5.
Lehmann, Ruth P. M., “Death and vengeance in the Ulster Cycle”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 43 (1989): 1–10.
Lehmann, Ruth P. M., “Guaire and Marban”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 36 (1978): 96–111.
Lehmann, Ruth P. M., “Lament of Crede, daughter of Guaire”, Études Celtiques 15:2 (1976–1977): 549–551.
Persée – Études Celtiques, vol. 15, fascicule 1, 1976: <link> Persée – Études Celtiques, vol. 15, fascicule 2, 1977: <link>
Lehmann, Ruth P. M. [tr.], “The banquet of the Fort of the Geese”, Lochlann: A Review of Celtic Studies 4 (1969): 131–159.
Lehmann, Ruth P., “A study of the Buile Shuibhne (suite et fin)”, Études Celtiques 7:1 (1955, 1955–1956): 115–138.
Persée – Études Celtiques, vol. 7, fascicule 1, 1955: <link> Persée – Études Celtiques, vol 7, fascicule 2, 1956: <link>
Lehmann, Ruth P. M., “A study of the Buile Shuibhne”, Études Celtiques 6:2 (1952–1954): 289–311.