verse beg. Anbthine mór ar muig Lir

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First words (verse)
  • Anbthine mór ar muig Lir
“A great storm on Ler’s plain”
Ascribed to: Ruman mac Colmáin
Ruman mac Colmáin
(d. c.747)
Ruman (Rumann) mac Colmáin

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Ruman mac Colmáin, an Ulster poet (d. c. 747). The ascription occurs in the [[Epilogue to Anbthine mór ar muig Lir |prose epilogue to the poem]], which tells why the poet composed it.
ff. 9vb–10ra18
This is the only extant copy of the poem, although the sixth stanza is quoted in two of the metrical tracts edited by Thurneysen (Mittelirische Verslehren II, § 102, and III, § 100) and the glossary found in TCD 1337, p. 422.
  • Middle Irish
“on linguistic evidence no higher [earlier] age can be claimed for our poem than the eleventh century” (Meyer). Kenneth Jackson, on the other hand, points out that the quatrain on the wind quoted in the metrical tracts contains older forms.(1)n. 1 Kenneth H. Jackson, Studies in early Celtic nature poetry (1935): 46–47. Notes to poem XXXII.
verse (primary)
  • laíd lúascach (7¹+7¹+7²+7²+7¹)
Number of stanzas: 10
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Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry

Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry



Kenneth H. Jackson, Studies in early Celtic nature poetry (1935): 46–47. Notes to poem XXXII.

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