Epilogue to Anbthine mór ar muig Lir

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A short prose narrative which in the manuscript (Laud Misc. 610) forms an epilogue to the Middle Irish poem beginning ‘Anbthine mór ar muig Lir’. It (falsely) attributes the poem (dúan) to Rumán mac Colmáin (d. c. 747), and goes on to relate a story of why the poet composed it. Two other quatrains are cited and ascribed to Rumán in the story.
First words (prose)
  • Rumund mc Colmáin .i. mc ríg Laegaire do Clannaibh Néill
  • Early Modern Irish
  • (?)
“14th century?” (Meyer)
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verse (secondary)
Contains poems
A mu Coimdiu, cid do-gén-sa’ • ‘M' éra-sa / mád áil do neoch, do-géna’ • ‘Anpthine mór ar Maig Lir’ » The text cites the first quatrain of ‘A mu Coimdiu, cid do-gén-sa’ and ‘M' éra-sa / mád áil do neoch, do-géna’ and repeats the first line of the foregoing poem, ‘Anpthine mór ar Maig Lir’.


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Ruman mac Colmáin
Ruman mac Colmáin
(d. c.747)
Ruman (Rumann) mac Colmáin

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