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Alphabetic letters and symbols, at the baseline, in superscript or in subscript Characters consisting of one or several components Full examples illustrating the use of characters and/or components, including idiomatic examples

All noda

Image Name Represents Device Position Sign type
2 (Arabic numeral) 2, duo, dá, ii Baseline Numeral
3num-23O48f2rb8.png 3 (Arabic numeral) 3, iii, tres, trí Baseline Numeral
4-RIA-23O48af29ra.png 4 (Arabic numeral) 4, ceithri, cethair, iv, quarto Baseline Numeral
5-23E29p158a.png 5-23O48f1vb9.png 5 (Arabic numeral) 5, cúig, quinque, v Baseline Numeral
5cuig-23E29p158a.png 5 with punctus (numeral) 5, cúig, quinque, v
5ii-23O48f1vb9.png 5ii (example) 7, secht, vii
7 (Arabic numeral) 7, seacht, secht, septem, vii Baseline Numeral
1437-RIA 23O48af29ra.png 1437 (example) 1437
A-variant.png a (allograph) a Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
A-open.png A-23P12f234v.png A-RawlB512-f31vb.png open allograph of a a Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
A-23E29fI159b.png a (extended shaft) a Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
A1(23P2f81r)2.png A (majuscule) A Baseline Alphabetic letter
A-(pointed)-1.png A-(pointed)-2.png A-(pointed)-3.png Alig-Laud615p133.png a (pointed, triangular) a Baseline Alphabetic letter
A-rounded.png a (rounded) a Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
Asubopen-23E29p162b.png a (subscript open) a Allograph Subscript Alphabetic letter
A-subscript.png a (subscript) a Subscript Alphabetic letter
A-super-23P12f249r.png a (superscript rounded) □ra Superscript Alphabetic letter
A-superscript.png a (superscript) □ra Superscript Alphabetic letter
A-quo.png a quo a quo
A-with-susp-stroke.png a with suspension stroke a(), ach, an Superscript symbol
Ac-FrancA12.png ac (ligature) ac Ligature
G1303p17-acht.png acht (a and s with suspension stroke) acht
Acht-FrancA12.png acht (ligature) acht
Acu.png acu (example) acu, aq
Acutedis 23E29p83.png acute diacritic (disambiguation) (disambiguates i in a string of minims) Superscript Critical sign, Symbol
Ae-RawlB502-f72vb.png Digraph of a and e ae Digraph
Ae-ligature-allograph.png Ae-RawlB514f2v.png ae (ligature allograph) ae, ae□ Ligature
Ae.png Ligature of a and e ae Ligature
Aer-RawlB502f62r.png aer (trigraph) aer Digraph
G1303p17-agus.png agus (ag with us symbol) agus
Ailill-RawlB512f2rb.png ailill (vel symbol) Ailill, ailill
Aillill-RawlB512f2ra.png aillill with deletion sign Ailill, ailill
Aimser-Laud615p133.png aimser (example) aimser
Aimser-23P12f177ra.png aimser with cross stroke (example) aimser, aimsir
Ainm-RawlB506f11vb.png ainm (example) ai()m, ainm
Air.png air (symbol ar with superscript i) air Baseline symbol, Superscript letter
am (m stroke) am Superscript symbol
Amail-23E29p112.png amail (am with suspension stroke) amail, amal, amhail, amál
amh (m stroke and punctum delens) amh Superscript symbol
ann (suspension strokes) ann Superscript symbol
Ao-RawlB512f2r.png Ao-ligature-Laud615p133.png ao (ligature) ao Ligature
apostrophe (superscript) □(), □()s, □s, □us Superscript Symbol
Apud-RawlB512-f31vb.png apud (ap with suspension stroke) apud
Ar-23P12f232v.png ar (allograph open) ar, qu(), quam, quia Allograph, Subscript symbol
Art-Dii1f3vb.png Ar (majuscule) AR, Ar, Quia, Quod Baseline symbol
Ar.png Ar3-Dii1f112ra.png ar (q with stroke through descender) ar, qu(), quam, quia, quod Baseline symbol
Are-ligature.png are (ligature of ar and e) are, que(?) Ligature
Arr-23E29p160a.png Arr-Dii1f112ra.png arr (double stroke) arr Subscript symbol
Arus-23E29p112.png arus (digraph) arus Digraph
Ass (digraph).png ass (insular and long s) ass
Ataa-RawlB512-f32ra.png ataa (example) ataa
autem (Insular) autem, immorro, immurgu Superscript symbol
B2a.png B2b.png b (regular) b Baseline Alphabetic letter
Ben-RIADiv1f2rb.png Ben-RIACiii2f10ra.png b with cross stroke ben, bene Baseline symbol
Ber-b-Dv2af12vb.png b with suspension stroke b(), bar, ber Superscript symbol
Beraid-YBLcol865.png benaid benaid
Berad.png berad berad
Bre-23E29p158b.png bre, ber (ligature) ber, bre Ligature
Breve-ponc.png breve □h Allograph Superscript Symbol
C-regular2.png C-regular3.png C-23P12f234v.png c (regular) c Baseline Alphabetic letter
C-superscript-2.png C-superscript-1.png c (superscript) □()c, □ac, □ach Superscript Alphabetic letter
c with m stroke c()m, cum Superscript symbol
c with suspension stroke c() Superscript symbol
Cach-LUp11b.png cach (ca with stroke) cach
Cath.png K-Cath-punctus-Div2f87ra.png cath, kalendae (.k.) cath, kalendae Baseline symbol
Cc (digraph).png Digraph cc = g cc, g Digraph
Ceannfaoieitte-LUf5a.png Ceann-faoi-eite.jpg Ceann-faoi.png Cenn-fo-eitte-RIAD1iif3vb.png G1303p17-ceannfaoi.png Ceann-23P12f167va.png Ceann-half.png Ceann-RawlB506f11r.png ceann faoi eite (also ceann fa eite or in an earlier form, cenn fo eitte) (marks continuation of text from the line below) Punctuation Baseline Punctuation
ceart (suspension stroke) ceart, cert
cecinit (cct) cecinit
Ceist-LUp83a.png Ceist (example) Ceist
Cer.png cer (vertical tilde) cer Superscript symbol
Cet-23E29p158a.png cet (.c.) cet, céad, cét Baseline symbol
Cet.png cet (allograph e) Cet, cet
Cethra.png cethra (with Tironian et and spiritus asper) cethra
Ch-spiritus.png ch (spiritus asper) ch Superscript symbol
Chomram.png chomram chomram
Chucu.png chucu (example) chucu
Chucumsa.png chucumsa (example) chucumsa
Ciall-YBLcol39-41.png ciall, with an open subscript a ciall
LUp61b-conepert.png co n-epert (example) co n-epert, conepert
Colonandupwardcurve-RawlB512f2ra.png colon with upward curve (positura) (marks end of section) Baseline symbol, Punctuation
ColumCille-LUp11b.png Colum Cille (.c.c.) Colum Cille, colum cille
Comram.png comram comram
Con-reversed-c.png con (reversed c) con Baseline Symbol
Conacht.png conacht (reversed c) Conacht, conacht
Conall.png Conall (with reversed c) Conall, conall
Conchobar2.png Conchobar Conchobar, conchobar
Conn.png conn (double suspension stroke) Conn, conn
conn (reversed c with stroke) con(), conn Baseline symbol, Superscript symbol
Connacht.png Connacht (reversed c and sed) Connacht, connacht
Cormac.png Cormac (rotunda and superscript c) Cormac, cormac
Cra-RawlB502f62rb.png cra (superscript a) cra Superscript letter
Cri 2.png Cri-23P12f249r.png cri (c with superscript i) cri Superscript letter
Cride.png cride (superscript and ligature) cride
Críost (cr) Críost, Críst, críost, críst
Críost (xp) Críost, Críst, crist, críost, críst
Crossstrokethroughdescender.png cross stroke (subscript) (miscellaneous), □(), □()r Subscript Symbol
Strokethroughstem.png cross stroke through stem ()□, □() Baseline Symbol
Cru.png cru (c with superscript u) cru Superscript symbol
Dh breve ponc.png d with breve dh Superscript symbol
D-RawlB512-f31vb.png d (loop) d Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
D-(regular)-1.png D-(regular)-2.png Dii1f121v.png D-RawlB512-f33va.png d (regular) d Baseline Alphabetic letter
D-3B23p44b.png D-RIA3B23p35a9.png d (straight ascender) d Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
d (superscript) □d Superscript Alphabetic letter
G1303p17-nd.png d with suspension stroke ()d, d(), nd Superscript symbol
Dru-Dv2a13r.png d with u (superscript v) dru, dur Superscript letter
Da-RIA3B23p35a9.png dano (example with allograph d) da(), dano
Dano.png dano (suspension stroke) dana, dano
De-ligature-23P12f158ra.png De (ligature majuscule) De Ligature
De-ligature-allo.png de (ligature with allograph e) de Ligature
De.png De-RawlB512f12vb.png de (ligature) de Ligature
Debide-23P12f158ra.png Debide (example) Debide
Dec-RawlB512f31vb.png dec (trigraph with ligatured e allograph) dec Digraph
Depscop-RawlB512-f33ra.png depscop (example) d episcop(), d'epsc()p, d'epscop, deps(), depscop
Di-RawlB512-f32vb.png Di-RawlB512-f33rb.png di (ligature) di, dio, ti, tio Ligature
dicens (dcns with suspension strokes) dicens
dicit (dt with suspension stroke) dicit
A12p37-dicitur.png dicitur (dr digraph) dicitur
Dicitur-LUp11a.png dicitur (dr with suspension stroke) dicitur
Dicuntur-Dii1f124ra.png dicuntur (dnr with suspension stroke) dicuntur
Didiu-3.png didiu (suspension stroke and dots) didiu
Didiu.png Didiu-2.png Didiu-1.png didiu (suspension stroke) didiu
Dis-RawlB512-f33ra.png dis (ligature) dios, dis, tios, tis Ligature
Dixit (dx).png dixit (dx with suspension stroke) dixit
Do.png do (digraph) do Digraph
Dochum-LUp120a.png dochum (example) dochum
dominus (dns with suspension stroke) dominus
Dr.png dr (digraph) dr Digraph
Druth-Dv2a13r.png druth (example) druth
duine (example 2) duine
Duine.png duine duine
Dur-1.png Dur-2.png dur (superscript wavy) dur Superscript symbol
E-allograph.png E-allo-LLp113b.png Allograph of the letter e e, e□ Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
E-1a.png E-2.png e (regular letter) e Baseline Alphabetic letter
E-super-23P12f250r.png e (superscript) □e, □er, □re Superscript Alphabetic letter
Ea-2.png ea (digraph) ea Digraph
Ea-ligature-2.png ea (ligature of allograph e and subscript a) ea Ligature
Ea-1.png G1303p17-ea.png ea (ligature) ea Ligature
éad (Tironian) éad Baseline symbol, Superscript symbol
Ean.png ean (with ligature) ean
ebraice (eb with suspension stroke) Ebraice, ebraice
Ec digraph Laud610f146r.png ec (digraph) ec Digraph
Ech digraph Laud610f146r.png ech (digraph with spiritus asper) ech Digraph, Superscript symbol
G1303p17-ed.png ed (digraph) ed Digraph
Eg-RawlB512-f33rb.png eg (digraph) eg Digraph
Ei-RawlB502-f72vb.png G1303p17-ei1.png G1303p17-ei2.png ei (digraph) ei Digraph
eile (ee) eile, éile
Eir-23E29f160a.png eir (subscript ir) eir Digraph
Eius-LUp11b.png eius (inverted e) eius Baseline Symbol
Simplesquare-with-dots.png Simplesquare-with-dots-middle.png enclosing punctus (abbreviating device) □() Baseline symbol
Simplesquare-with-dots.png Simplesquare-with-dots-middle.png enclosing punctus (critical sign) (marks out special graphs) Baseline symbol, Critical sign
Enim-RawlB512-f32va.png enim (Tironian note) enim Baseline Symbol
Eo-23P12f249v.png eo (digraph) eo Digraph
Ep-RawlB512f31rb.png ep (digraph) ep Digraph
LUp61b-eper.png eper (digraph) eper Digraph
Epscop-RawlB512-f31vb.png eps (example) episcop(), episcopus, eps(), epsc()p, epscop, epscup
Er-RawlB506f1va.png er (digraph) Er, er Digraph
Er-1.png er (vertical tilde or 'flame') □ear, □er, □r Superscript Symbol
Erenn-RawlB506f11ra.png erenn (example) Er(), Erend, Erenn, er(), erend, erenn
Err-1.png Err-2.png err (two inverted tildes) □earr, □err Superscript symbol Superscript Symbol
Estsup-RawlB488f17rb.png est (superscript) □ est, □est Superscript Symbol
Est.png est (symbol 1) aist, est Baseline Symbol
Esti-aisti.png esti, aisti (example) aisti, esti
Et.png Et-2.png Et-Div1f2rb.png et (digraph) &, et Digraph
Ocusf-23E29p112.png et and f (ligature) et f, etf, ocus f Ligature
Etr-Laud610f97v.png Etr-(obae)-23P12f170vb.png et and r (ligature) et r, etr, ocus r Ligature
Et reliqua.png et reliqua et reliqua, ocus araile
etc. (Tironian et) etc., etcetera
eter (et with suspension stroke) eter
Eter-1.png eter (ligature) eter Ligature, Superscript symbol
Eth (et and spiritus).png eth (Tironian et with spiritus asper) eadh, eth Baseline symbol, Superscript symbol
eth, eadh (Tironian et with punctum delens) eadh, eth Baseline symbol, Superscript symbol
F-regular1.png F-regular2.png F-regular3.png f (regular) f Baseline Alphabetic letter
f with suspension stroke f(), for, féin Superscript symbol
Fer.png fer (vertical tilde) fer Superscript symbol
Fergus4.png Fergus (vertical tilde) Fergus, fergus
Fhir.png fir with punctum delens (fhir) fhir
Fogur2.png fogur (ur hook) fogur
Fomchind.png fomchind (example) fomchind
Fri.png fri (rounded superscript i) fri Superscript letter
Frim.png frim (superscript i) frim
Friss.png friss (example) friss
Gh breve ponc.png g with breve gh Superscript symbol
G2a.png G2b.png g (regular) g Baseline Alphabetic letter
g (stroke and punctum) gach Superscript symbol
g with superscript o ergo, gor, gro Superscript letter
g with suspension stroke g(), gan, gn Superscript symbol
Gach-23O48f18vb.png gach (superscript c) gach Superscript letter
Gerr-1.png Gerr-2.png gearr (vertical tildes) gearr, gerr Superscript symbol
Gg-RawlB512-f32vb.png gg (digraph) gg Digraph
G1303p17-ghniom(h).png ghniom (example) ghniom, ghniomh
G1303p17-gna-th.png gnáth (example) gnáth
Gra-RawlB502f62r.png gra (superscript a) gra Superscript letter
Gus.png Gus-4.png Gus-2.png Gus-1.png gus (us symbol) gus
H2a.png H2b.png h (regular) h Baseline Alphabetic letter
He-23E29p159a.png he (ligature) he Ligature
A12p37-hi.png Hi-RawlB512-f33ra.png hi (subscript i) hi Subscript letter
Hoc-LUp6b.png hoc (h with abbreviating punctus) hoc Superscript symbol
Hoc1-23O48af26r.png hoc (h with superscript o enclosed) hoc
Hoc2-23O48af26r.png hoc (h with superscript o) hoc Superscript letter
Huasa-LUp5b.png húasa (example) húasa
I2a.png I2b.png i (regular letter) i Baseline Alphabetic letter, Numeral
G1303p17-i-sub.png i (subscript curled) □i Allograph Subscript Alphabetic letter, Symbol
I-subscript-1.png I-subscript-2.png A12p37-i-sub.png i (subscript) i Subscript Alphabetic letter
Ri-rounded.png Ri-rounded-2.png i (superscript rounded) □ri / □ir Allograph Superscript Alphabetic letter, Symbol
I-superscript-ang.png i (superscript), angular variant □ir, □ri Superscript Alphabetic letter
I-with-acute-23E29p83.png i with acute diacritic (disambiguation) i Superscript symbol
i with m stroke im Superscript symbol
I-with-susp-stroke.png i with suspension stroke i(), in, ingen Superscript symbol
Iarum-1.png Iarum-2.png iarum (example) iaramh, iarum, íaram, íarom, íarum
Iaruslem-23E29p112.png iaruslem (example) iaruslem, ierusalem
Idest.png Latin id est, Irish ed ón eadh on, ed ón, id est Baseline symbol
23O48af18v-immurgu-punctus.png immurgu (.im.) immorro, immurgu
23O48af18v-immurgu-no-punctus.png immurgu (im) immorro, immurgu
ImthechusLaud610f146r.png imthechus (example) imthechus
IN-LUp5a.png IN (digraph) I n, IN, In
In-cruth-sin-LU61b.png in cruth sin (example) in cruth sin, in cruthsin
Ingen-RawlB506f11vb.png ingen (.i.) ingen, inghean, ingin
Innis 23E29p83.png innis (example) innis
interpretatur (ip with suspension stroke) interpretatur
Irsub-23E29p159b.png ir (cross stroke) ir Subscript letter, Subscript symbol
Is23P12f20r.png Is (I through S) IS, Is Ligature
IS-23 E29p113a.png IS-23 E29p113b.png iS (vertical S through I) IS, Is Ligature
Is-ed-23P12f170va.png is ed (example) is ed, ised
K-23O48af26ra.png K-Cath-Div2f87ra.png k (regular) c, ca, cath, k, ka Baseline Alphabetic letter
Kalendae-RawkB488f18ra.png kalendas (example) cal(), calann, calend(), calendae, calendas, kalendae, kalendas
L2a.png L2b.png L2c.png l (minuscule) l Baseline Alphabetic letter
Lstroke-Dv2af12v.png l with suspension stroke l() Superscript symbol
Laech.png laech (ligature ae and c with spiritus) laech
M-RIA3B23p33.png m (allograph) m Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
M1(23P2f79v)2.png M2(23P2f108r)2.png M2-23E29p111.png M-23E29p111.png M (majuscule) M Baseline Alphabetic letter
M2a.png M2b.png m (regular) m Baseline Alphabetic letter
Msuper-RIA3B23p33.png m (superscript allograph) □m Superscript Alphabetic letter
M-vertical-23E29p159b.png m (vertical) m Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
M stroke.png m stroke □()m, □m, □um Superscript Symbol
M-stroke-with-punctumd.png m stroke with punctum delens □()mh, □mh Superscript symbol
M-w-susp-stroke.png m stroke with suspension stroke □()m(), □m() Superscript symbol
M-with-susp-stroke.png m with suspension stroke ()m, m(), mar Superscript symbol
Mac-1.png Mc-for-mac.png Mac-3.png mac (mc with suspension stroke) mac, maic, meic
Mcformac-23E29p110a.png mac (m with superscript c) mac, maic, meic Superscript letter
Mar-mair-23O48f2rb23.jpg mar, mair (sinuous suspension stroke) mair, mar Superscript symbol
míle (.m.) m(), míle Baseline symbol
Mortuus-est-RawlB488f17rb.png mortuus est (example) mortuus est
Muire-RIA3B23p33.png muire (example) Muire, muire
Mur (Murceartach).png mur (superscript rotunda) mur Superscript symbol
N1(23P2f99v)2.png N2(23P2f219r)2.png 23O48(a)f26r(N3)2.png N (majuscule) N Baseline Alphabetic letter
N2a.png N2b.png N3a.png n (regular) n Baseline Alphabetic letter
N-with-stroke-Dii1f124ra.png n with suspension stroke ()n(), n(), nn Superscript symbol
Na-23E29p162b.png Na2-23E29p162b.png na (digraph) na Digraph
Ni-RawlB512-f33rb.png ni (digraph) ni Digraph
G1303p17-ni.png ni (subscript curled) ni Subscript letter
Ni-handsa-LUp7.png Ni-handsa2-LUp120a.png ni handsa (stroke) ni annsa, ni handsa, ni hannsa, ní handsa (etc.)
nomen (no with suspension stroke) nomen
nomen (nom with suspension stroke) nomen
nomina (noa with suspension stroke) nomina
o (open allograph) o Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
O2a.png O2b.png O3a.png o (regular letter) o Baseline Alphabetic letter
O-superscript.png o (superscript) □()o, □oir, □or, □ro, □uo Superscript Alphabetic letter
Om-LL113b.png o with m stroke om Superscript symbol
Ocusfor-23E29p112.png ocus for (ligature) et for, ocus for Ligature, Superscript symbol
Ocus.png Irish ocus, Latin et, etc. (Tironian note) agus, ead, et, ocus Baseline Symbol
Oe-RawlB512-f33va.png oe (ligature with allograph e) oe Ligature
Oeg-RawlB512-f33va.png oeg (trigraph) oeg Digraph
Oen.png oen (example) oen
Ol-sé-Leiden-VLQ-7.png ol sé ol sé
Om-RIA3B23p33.png om (superscript allograph) om Superscript letter
Or.png or (o + rotunda) or Digraph
P2a.png p (regular) p Baseline Alphabetic letter
p with suspension stroke p() Superscript symbol
Per-LUp5a.png per (p with cross stroke) par, per, por Baseline symbol
Phi-LLp274.png phi (critical sign) (marks out verse) Baseline Alphabetic letter, Critical sign
Post-LUp5.png post (superscript t) post Superscript letter
Pr-digraph.png pr (digraph) pr Digraph
Pro-LUp7b.png Pro-LU11a.png Pro-RawlB512f57rb.png pro (p with tail) pro
Punctum-delens.png punctum delens (lenition) □h Superscript Symbol
Dot-super-2.png punctum delens (nasalisation) (indicates nasalisation) Superscript Critical sign, Symbol
Deletionmark.png punctums delens (subscript) (marks symbol for deletion) Subscript Miscellaneous, Symbol
Punctuscurve-RawlB512-f31vb.png punctus and stroke (positura) (marks end of section) Baseline symbol, Punctuation
Dot-super.png punctus superscript (abbreviating device) miscellaneous Superscript Symbol
Dotcomma-LUp120b.png punctus with comma positura (marks end of section) Baseline symbol, Punctuation
Q-LUp6a.png q (allograph open) Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
Q cu.png Q-RawlB512f33ra.png q (regular) cu, cú, q Baseline Alphabetic letter
Quam-RawlB512f33ra.png Quam-RawlB512f7vb.png quam (q with wavy cross stroke) quam Baseline symbol
Quando-RawlB512f33ra.png quando (example) cun(), cunn, qn(), quando
Que-Dii1f122vb.png Que-ce-RIADii1f121r.png que (digraph) ce, que Digraph
Quo-23P2f88r.png quo (q with superscript o) quo Superscript letter
Ar-Dii1f124rb.png Quod-RawlB512f31va.png quod (q with curved stroke) ar, quod Baseline symbol
Quod-est.png quod est (example) quod est
Ri(g)-RawlB488f12ra.png r (.r.) r(), rí, ríg Baseline symbol
Rosc-r-maj-LLp113b.png .R. majuscule (marginal) (marks out special text form), (marks out verse), rosc(?) Baseline symbol, Critical sign
Rosc-r-min-LUp81b.png .r. (marginal) (marks out special text form), (marks out verse), rosc(?) Baseline symbol, Critical sign
R2a.png R2b.png R-extended-RB506f11va.png r (regular) r Baseline Alphabetic letter
R (rotunda).png r (rotunda) r Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
R-with-susp-stroke.png r with suspension stroke ()r, r() Superscript symbol
Re-circle-RawlB512f12vb.png re (ligature with long e) re, re□ Ligature
Re-23E29p159b.png re (ligature with short e) re Ligature
Reg-RawlinsonB512-f20v.png reg (ligature) reg Digraph
Regtaiss-RawlinsonB512-f20v.png regtaiss (example) regtaiss
Ren-RawlB512f12vb.png ren (trigraph) ren Digraph
Rr1.png rr (ligature) rr Ligature
Rr-rotunda.png rr (rotunda) rr Digraph
S2a.png S2c.png s (insular) s Baseline Alphabetic letter
Acht (insular s).png s (insular) with suspension stroke ()s(), acht, cht, s(), sed Superscript symbol
S-long-2.png s (long) s Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
S23E25p81.png S23P12f148v.png S (short) S Baseline Alphabetic letter
A12p37-s-super.png s (superscript) □s Superscript Alphabetic letter
S-cross-stroke-23P12f177ra.png S-cross-stroke-(LeabarOllaman)-23P12f163va.png S-horstroke-23P12f168ra.png s insular with cross stroke s(), s()r, secund(), ser Subscript symbol
Saer-23E29p112.png saer (example) saer
Sc-scel.png scél (sc with suspension stroke) sc(), scel, scél
Seacht2.png secht (s and sed) seacht, secht, ss(), ssed Digraph
7mad-RIADv2a-f(13A)r.png sechtmad (example) 7mad, sechtmad
Set-sed-UCDA12p16b.png sed, acht (insular s with us symbol) acht, sed, set
Sein.png sein (example) sein
Si2.png si (digraph) si Digraph
Side.png side (example) side
Sin1.png Sin2.png sin (suspension stroke) sin Digraph, Superscript symbol
Sineadhfada.png síneadh fada (length mark) Superscript Miscellaneous, Symbol
Soduin.png soduin (example) soduin
Spiritus.png spiritus asper □h Allograph Superscript Symbol
Sr.png sr (digraph) sr Digraph
Ss1.png Ss2.png digraph of long s and insular s ss Digraph
Sus-RawlB512-f31va.png sus (digraph with long s) acht, sas, sed, set, sus Digraph
Susp2.png Susp-stroke-from-LU.png suspension stroke ()□, n□, □(), □n Superscript Symbol
Doublesuspensionstroke(23O48af26).png suspension stroke (double) □nn Superscript symbol Superscript Symbol
Ar-air-23O48f2rb23.png suspension stroke (sinuous) □air, □ar Superscript Symbol
Wavy-3B23p44b.png suspension stroke (wavy) ir□, □()r, □ar, □er, □ir Allograph Superscript Symbol
suspension stroke and punctum delens □()h, □()he, □aibh(e), □aidh(e), □aigh(e) Superscript symbol
Susp-m-stroke-ainm.png suspension stroke with m stroke □()m, □nm Superscript symbol
T2b.png T2c.png T-3B23p44b.png t (regular) t Baseline Alphabetic letter
Tsuper-LUp5a.png t (superscript) □()t, □t Superscript Alphabetic letter
Tar-3B23p44b.png t with suspension stroke (wavy) irt, tar, ter, tir Superscript symbol
Ta-RawlB512-f32ra.png ta (long headstroke) ta Digraph
Tairiuc.png tairiuc (example) tairiuc
Tarb.png tarb (ar) tarb
G5f4r-té(i)t.png téit (example) te(i)t, té(i)t
Th-spiritus.png G1303p17-th.png th (spiritus asper) th Superscript symbol
Ti-.png Digraph for ti ti Digraph
To digraph.png to (digraph) to Digraph
A12p37-Toisc.png Toisc (example) Toisc
Tongat-LL113b27.png tongat (example) tongat
Tra2-23P12f249r.png tra (superscript a rounded) tra Superscript letter
Tra (superscript a).png Tra-23P12f249r.png tra (superscript a) tra Superscript letter
Tre-23P12f250r.png tre (superscript e) tre Superscript symbol
TriRennes.png tri (rounded superscript i) tir, tri Superscript letter
G1303p17-tromda-mh.png tromdámh (example) tromdámh
Tru-23P12f249r.png tru (t with superscript u) tru, tur Superscript symbol
Tuicus.png tuicius (example) tuicios, tuicius
Tur-9-23P12f170vb.png tur (ur superscript hook) tur Superscript symbol
Tur-tru-23P12f195va.png tur, tru (u superscript rounded) tru, tur Superscript letter
Tusso.png tusso (example) tusso
23O48(a)f26r(u briste)2.png u (broken) u Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
U2a.png U2b.png U2c.png u (regular letter) u Baseline Alphabetic letter
U-23O48f18vb.png U2-23O48f18vb.png u (rounded allograph) u, v Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
Usuprounded-23O48af26rb.png U-superscript-23P12f195va.png u (superscript rounded) □ru, □uir, □ur Superscript Alphabetic letter
Uv-super-Dv2a13r.png u (superscript v) □ru, □uir, □ur Superscript Alphabetic letter
U-super-23P12f249r.png u (superscript) □ru, □uir, □ur Superscript Alphabetic letter
U-v-shaped.png u (v-shaped) u, v Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
Ua-NLIG11p258.png ua (u wavy and subscript a) ua Digraph, Superscript symbol
Uaire.png uaire (u + ligature ar/e + superscript i) uaire
Uí.png Uí (.h.) Uí, hUí Baseline symbol
Ui2.png ui (digraph vi) ui Digraph
Ui3.png ui (i with superscript u) ui Digraph, Superscript symbol
Uir-23E29p159b.png uir (subscript ir) uir
G1303p17-uir.png uir (ur with superscript i) uir Baseline symbol, Superscript letter
Uis-Egerton-1782-f19r.png uis (example) uis
Uisce-RIADii1f121r.png uisce with the Latin que digraph representing ce uisce
Unde-Dii1f124ra.png unde (un with suspension stroke) unde
A12p37-unde dicitur.png unde dicitur (example) unde dicitur
Unde-dicuntur-Dii1f124ra.png unde dicuntur (example) unde dicuntur
Ur-superscript-hook.png Ur-9-23P12f170vb.png ur (superscript hook) □ur Superscript Symbol
Ur-1.png ur (superscript lemniscate) □tur, □ur Superscript Alphabetic letter
Ur-3.png Ur-2.png ur (superscript wavy) u□ (rare), □ru, □ur Superscript Symbol
Us.png Us-2.png us (symbol) (), as, et, os, us Baseline Symbol
Ut-Dii1f122vb.png Ut-RawlB512f12vb.png ut (v and 9-like symbol) ut Superscript symbol
Utdicitur-LUp11a.png ut dicitur (example) ut dicitur
No.png Vel-no-Dii1f126rb.png Latin vel, Irish nó, no (l with stroke) ()l, no, nó, uel, vel Baseline symbol
Uero-1.png vero (u with superscript o) uero, vero Superscript letter
Vero.png vero (v with superscript o) uero, vero Superscript letter
Vii-23O48f18vb.png vii (example of Roman numeral) 7, secht, vii
X1-23P12f249v.png X2-23P12f249r.png X3-23P12f249r.png x (regular) 10, decem, deich, x Baseline Alphabetic letter, Numeral
x with suspension stroke ()x(), cs(), x() Superscript symbol
Xp-RawlB512-f32ra.png xp (ligature) xp Ligature
Xps-RawlB512-f32ra.png xps (ligatured) Christ(), Christus, Crist, Críst
Xxx23P12f9v.png xxx (trigraph) 30, xxx Digraph
Z-RawlB502f2ra.png Zraif-23P12f168rb.png Z-RawlB512-f12vb.png z (minuscule) st, z Baseline Alphabetic letter

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