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Image Name Represents Device Position Sign type
2 (Arabic numeral) 2, dá, ii, duo Baseline Numeral
3num-23O48f2rb8.png 3 (Arabic numeral) 3, iii, trí, tres Baseline Numeral
7 (Arabic numeral) 7, secht, seacht, vii, septem Baseline Numeral
A-23E29fI159b.png a (extended shaft) a Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
A-(pointed)-1.png A-(pointed)-2.png A-(pointed)-3.png Alig-Laud615p133.png a (pointed, triangular) a Baseline Alphabetic letter
A-rounded.png a (rounded) a Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
Asubopen-23E29p162b.png a (subscript open) a Allograph Subscript Alphabetic letter
A-subscript.png a (subscript) a Subscript Alphabetic letter
A-super-23P12f249r.png a (superscript rounded) □ra Superscript Alphabetic letter
A-superscript.png a (superscript) □ra Superscript Alphabetic letter
Acutedis 23E29p83.png acute diacritic (disambiguation) (disambiguates i in a string of minims) Superscript Symbol, Critical sign
apostrophe (superscript) □s, □()s, □us, □() Superscript Symbol
Ar-23P12f232v.png ar (allograph open) ar, quia, quam, qu() Subscript symbol, Allograph
Art-Dii1f3vb.png Ar (majuscule) Ar, AR, Quia, Quod Baseline symbol
Ar.png Ar3-Dii1f112ra.png ar (q with stroke through descender) ar, quia, quam, quod, qu() Baseline symbol
B2a.png B2b.png b (regular) b Baseline Alphabetic letter
Breve-ponc.png breve □h Allograph Superscript Symbol
C-regular2.png C-regular3.png C-23P12f234v.png c (regular) c Baseline Alphabetic letter
C-superscript-2.png C-superscript-1.png c (superscript) □ac, □ach, □()c Superscript Alphabetic letter
Ceannfaoieitte-LUf5a.png Ceann-faoi-eite.jpg Ceann-faoi.png Cenn-fo-eitte-RIAD1iif3vb.png G1303p17-ceannfaoi.png Ceann-23P12f167va.png Ceann-half.png Ceann-RawlB506f11r.png ceann faoi eite (also ceann fa eite or in an earlier form, cenn fo eitte) (marks continuation of text from the line below) Punctuation Baseline Punctuation
Crossstrokethroughdescender.png cross stroke (subscript) □(), □()r, (miscellaneous) Subscript Symbol
Strokethroughstem.png cross stroke through stem ()□, □() Baseline Symbol
D-RawlB512-f31vb.png d (loop) d Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
D-(regular)-1.png D-(regular)-2.png Dii1f121v.png D-RawlB512-f33va.png d (regular) d Baseline Alphabetic letter
D-3B23p44b.png D-RIA3B23p35a9.png d (straight ascender) d Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
d (superscript) □d Superscript Alphabetic letter
E-allograph.png E-allo-LLp113b.png Allograph of the letter e e, e□ Allograph Baseline Alphabetic letter
E-1a.png E-2.png e (regular letter) e Baseline Alphabetic letter
E-super-23P12f250r.png e (superscript) □er, □re, □e Superscript Alphabetic letter
Eius-LUp11b.png eius (inverted e) eius Baseline Symbol
Simplesquare-with-dots.png Simplesquare-with-dots-middle.png enclosing punctus (abbreviating device) □() Baseline symbol
Simplesquare-with-dots.png Simplesquare-with-dots-middle.png enclosing punctus (critical sign) (marks out special graphs) Baseline symbol, Critical sign
Er-1.png er (vertical tilde or 'flame') □er, □ear, □r Superscript Symbol
Err-1.png Err-2.png err (two inverted tildes) □err, □earr Superscript symbol Superscript Symbol
Estsup-RawlB488f17rb.png est (superscript) □ est, □est Superscript Symbol
F-regular1.png F-regular2.png F-regular3.png f (regular) f Baseline Alphabetic letter
G2a.png G2b.png g (regular) g Baseline Alphabetic letter
H2a.png H2b.png h (regular) h Baseline Alphabetic letter
I2a.png I2b.png i (regular letter) i Baseline Alphabetic letter, Numeral
G1303p17-i-sub.png i (subscript curled) □i Allograph Subscript Alphabetic letter, Symbol
I-subscript-1.png I-subscript-2.png A12p37-i-sub.png i (subscript) i Subscript Alphabetic letter
Ri-rounded.png Ri-rounded-2.png i (superscript rounded) □ri / □ir Allograph Superscript Alphabetic letter, Symbol
I-superscript-ang.png i (superscript), angular variant □ri, □ir Superscript Alphabetic letter
K-23O48af26ra.png K-Cath-Div2f87ra.png k (regular) ca, cath, c, k, ka Baseline Alphabetic letter
L2a.png L2b.png L2c.png l (minuscule) l Baseline Alphabetic letter
M2a.png M2b.png m (regular) m Baseline Alphabetic letter
Msuper-RIA3B23p33.png m (superscript allograph) □m Superscript Alphabetic letter
M stroke.png m stroke □m, □um, □()m Superscript Symbol
M-stroke-with-punctumd.png m stroke with punctum delens □mh, □()mh Superscript symbol
M-w-susp-stroke.png m stroke with suspension stroke □m(), □()m() Superscript symbol


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