verse beg. Úar in lathe do Lum Laine

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Old Irish poem (9 qq) attributed to Ailbe. It is in the form of a dialogue between Tethna, daughter of king Cormac mac Airt, and her lover Lom Laine. Máirín O Daly, who edited the poem, has suggested that their names may be guises for Gráinne and Diarmait, as known from the early prose narrative of Finn and Gráinne.
Initial words (verse)
  • Úar in lathe do Lum Laine
“Cold the day for Lom Laine”
  • Old Irish
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas
Textual relationships
Stanza 3 refers to the lovers Aillenn and Baile, who are known from Baile Binnbérlach mac Búain.
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Secondary sources (select)

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89 Considers the poem's relationship to Baile Binnbérlach mac Búain
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