Finn and Gráinne

  • Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Finn Cycle, minor Irish prose tales
  • Middle Irish
prose (primary)
Textual relationships
Related: Úar in lathe do Lum LaineÚar in lathe do Lum LaineOld Irish poem (9 qq) attributed to Ailbe. It is in the form of a dialogue between Tethna, daughter of king Cormac mac Airt, and her lover Lom Laine. Máirín O Daly, who edited the poem, has suggested that their names may be guises for Gráinne and Diarmait, as known from the early prose narrative of Finn and Gráinne.


Finn Cycle
Finn Cycle
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minor Irish prose tales (foscéla)Irish narrative literature
minor Irish prose tales (foscéla)
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Relatively short prose tales in Irish. In learned discourse from the Middle Irish period and later, a distinction is sometimes made between the longer prím-scél and the shorter fo-scél. See eDIL s.v. ‘foscél’ for some references. In the first two volumes of BILL (1913 and 1942), Best included separate headings for ‘Minor tales’.


Finn mac Cumaill
Finn mac Cumaill (Find úa Báiscni)
(time-frame ass. with Finn Cycle, Finn mac Cumaill, Cormac mac Airt)
Finn mac Cumaill (earlier mac Umaill?), Find úa Báiscni: central hero in medieval Irish and Scottish literature of the so-called Finn Cycle; warrior-hunter and leader of a fían

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