verse beg. Tegdais adchondarc indiu

  • Old Irish
  • verse
  • Early Irish poetry
Old Irish poem (8 qq). It is found on the first folio of a continental manuscript known for its Irish glosses, Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS C 301 inf, together with a preceding poem beg. Adcondarc alaill innocht.
First words (verse)
  • Tegdais adchondarc indiu
“I have seen a house today”
  • Old Irish
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas: 8


Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry



Primary sources

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comments: Reprinted by DIAS in 1987, together with Stokes' supplementary volume.
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Revised edition by Ebel of Zeuss' Grammatica Celtica (1853).

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Secondary sources (select)

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