Karel Jongeling,
‘A personal bibliography of Welsh linguistic studies:
early titles (mostly pre-c.1880)’

(version 2012, originally published on http://www.punic.co.uk/welsh/welsh_grammar/wg_intro.html)
Author Title Journal/Collective work Publisher Place Year Orig. edition Pages
Salesbury, William A dictionary in English and Welsh London John Waley 1547
Salesbury, WIlliam A Brief and plain introduction London Robert Crowley 1550
Roberts, Gruffydd Dosparth byrr ar y rhann gyntaf i ramadeg cymraeg lle cair llawer o bynciau anhepcor i un a chuennychai na doedyd y cymraeg yn dilediaith, nai scrifennu'n iaun Milan 1567
Rhys (Rhaesus), Jo. David Cambrobrytannicae Cymraecaeve Lingvae Institvtiones et Rvdimenta accuraté, & (quantum fieri potuit) succincte & compendiose conscripta a Joanne Dauide Rhaeso Monensi Lanuaethlaeo Cambrobrytanno, medico Senensi etc. Londini excudebat Thomas Orwinus 1592
Salesbury, Henry Grammatica Britannica London 1593
Minsheu, John A Guide into Tongues 1617
Davies, Jo. Antiquae Linguae Britannicae, nunc communiter dictae Cambro-Britannicae, a suis Cymraecae, vel Cambricae, ab aliis Wallicae, Rudimenta: juxta genuinam naturalemque ipsius linguae proprietatem, qua fieri potuit accurata methodo et brevitate conscripta, editio altera London 1621
Camden, W. Remaines concerning Britain, Languages, Surnames, Anagrammes, Proverbs, &c 1623
Davies, Joan (1570 ? - 1644) Antiquae Linguae Britannicae, nunc vulgo dicte Cambro-Britannicae, a suis Cymraecae vel Cambricae, ab aliis Wallicae, et Linguae Latinae, Dictionarium, Duplex. Prius, Britannico-Latinum, Plurimis venerandae antiquitatis Britannicae monumentis respersum. Posterius, latino-Britannicum. Accesserunt Adagia Britannica, & plura & emendatiora quam antehac edita. Londini 1632
Davies, John Dictionarium Duplex London R. Young 1632
Boxhorn, M.S. Origines Gallicae in quibus Gallorum origines, antiquitates, mores, lingua, etc. illustrantur; cui accedunt Antiquae Linguae Britannicae Lexicon Britannico-Latinum, et Proverbia Druidum. Amsterdam 1654
Camden, William Remains concerning Britain: Their Languages, Names, Surnames, &c. Written by William Camden, Esquire, &c. The sixth Impression, with many rare Antiquities never before imprinted. By the Industry and the care of John Philipot Somerset Herald and W.D. Gout London 1657
Howell, James Lexicon Tetraglotton. An English-French-Italian-Spanish Dictionary ... with a particular tome of the British or old Cambrian Sayed Sawes and Adages ... by the Labours and Lucubrations of James Howell, Esq. 1659
Skinner, S. Etymologicon Linguae Anglicanae 1671
Camden, William Remains concerning Britain: Their Languages, Names, Surnames, &c. Written by William Camden, Esquire, &c. The seventh Impression, much amended, with many rare Antiquities never before imprinted. By the Industry and Care of John Philipot, Somerset Herald and W.D. Gent London 1674
Edwards, C. Hebraismorum Cambro-Britannicorum Specimen 1675
Sammes, Aylett Britannia Antiqua Illustrata: or, the Antiquities of Ancient Britain, derived from the Phoenicians, wherein the original trade of this Island is discovered; name sof places, offices, dignities, idolatry, language, and customs of the Primitive Inhabitants are clearly demonstrated, together with a chronological History of the Kingdom, from the first traditional beginning, unitl the year 800, A.D.: when the name of Britain was changed into England, with the antiquities of the Saxons, as awell as Phoenicians, greeks and Romans London 1676
Edwards, Charles Hanes y Ffydd Ddiffuant. Oxford 1677
Jones, Thomas Y Gymraeg yn ei disgleirdeb neu helaeth eir-lyfr Cymraeg a Saesoneg... Caerlydd 1688
Jones, Thomas (1648-1713) The British language in its Lustre, or a copious dictionary of Welsh and English = Y Gymraeg yn ei disgleirdeb, neu helaeth Eir-Lyfr Cymraeg a Saesneg London 1688
Lhuyd, Edward ‘Some Welch Words Omitted in Dr. Davies's Dictionary’ Archaeologia Britannica giving some account... Tome V. pp. 213-221. Oxford 1700
Cleland, John Specimen of an Etimological Vocabulary: or an Essay by means of the Analitical method to retrieve the Ancient Celtic 1708
J.L. A true (though a short) account of the antient Britons, in respect of their descent, qualities, settlements, country, language, learning, and religion; with the effigies of Llewelyn ab Gruffydd, the last Prince of Wales of the British Blood. By J.L. a Cambro Britain. London 1716
Rhydderch, Sion The English and Welch Dictionary: or, the English before the Welch. Y Geirlyfr Saesneg a Chymraeg; Neu'r Saeneg o flaen y Cymraeg. Containing all the Words that are necessary to understand both Languages; but more especially, for the Translation of the english into Welch. Yn cynnwys yr holl Eiriau sy' angenrheidiol i ddeall y ddwy Jaith, eithr yn fwy enwedigol, i Gyfieithu'r Saesneg i'r Gymraeg. Wherein you may easily find the Welch word, or Words to every English Word. Ym mha un y bydd hawdd i chwi daro wrth air, neu Eiriau Cymraeg i bob Gair Saesneg Salop (Shrewsbury) 1725
Gambold, William A Welsh grammar, or A short and easie introduction to the Welsh tongue in 2 parts, by W. Gambold rector of Puncheston. Carmarthen (Nicolas Thomas) 1727
Rhydderch, Sion Grammadeg Cymraeg. Yn cynnwys Atthrawiaeth Llafaryddion, a Lliosseiniaid, Helaeth Ddosbarth ar y Sillafau a'u hamryw berthynasau. Y Mmwythig (Amwythig / Shrewsbury) 1728
Lhuyd, E. An Essay on the Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland, wherein they are placed in a clearer light than hitherto. designed as an Introduction to a larger work, especially a Attempt to shew an Affinity betwixt the Languages, &c. of the ancient Britains, and the Americans of the Isthmus of Darien Edinburgh 1739
Richards, Thomas Antiquae Linguae Britannicae Thesaurus: Being a British, or Welsh-English Dictionary, ... to which is prefix'd A compendious Welsh Grammar, with all the Rules in English Bristol printed and sold by Felix Farley 1753 1753
Jones, Thomas (1648-1713) Y Gymraeg yn ei disgleirdeb, neu helaeth Eirlyfr Cymraeg a Saesnaeg, ..., A gasglwyd ar y cyntaf, drwy ddirfawr boen, a diwydrwydd Thomas Jones, ac yn awr a ddibennwyd gan Richard Morris (1703-1779) Y Mwythig Stafford Prys 1760
Jones, Rowland The origin of Language and Nations, Hieroglyfically, Etymologically, and Topographically Defined and Fixed, After the Method of an English, Celtic, Greek, and Latin English Lexicon. Together with an Historical Preface, An Hieroglyfical Definition of Characters, A Celtic General Grammar, and Various other Matters of Antiquity. Treated of in a Method Entirely New. London 1764
Parsons, James Remains of Japhet: being Historical Enquiries into the Affinity and Origin of the European Languages 1767
Jones, Rowland Hieroglyfic: or, a grammatical introduction to a universal hieroglyfic language ... with a definition of all the parts of the English, Welsh, Greek and Latin languages London John Hughs 1768
Jones, Rowland The Philosophy of words in Two Dialogues between the Author and Crito, containing an Explanation with various Specimens of the First Language and thence of all its Dialects and the Principles of Knowledge: a Lexicon of difficult Names and Passages in the Bible and Ancient Authors London 1769
Llewelyn, Thomas Historical and Critical Remarks on the British Tongue and its Connection with other Languages Founded on its State in the Welsh Bible London 1769
Evans, William (fl. 1768-1776) A New Welsh and English Dictionary, containing all the words necessary for reading an English author, wherein not only the corresponding British is given to the English, and the various significations properly ranged, but also every English word is accented to prevent a bad pronunciation Carmarthen (printed for John Ross, and Richard Rydero) 1771
Jones, Rowland The circles of Gomer, or, an Essay towards an Investigation and Introduction of the English, as an Universal Language etc. London 1771
Owen, William Geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesoneg - A Welsh and English Dictionary; compiled from the Laws, History, poetry, Bardism, Proverbs, and other Monuments of the Knowledge and Learning of the Ancient Britons; with numerous and select Quotations to elucidate the Meaning of Words. To which is prefixed, A Welsh Grammar London 1793
Pughe, William Owen Geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesoneg: a Welsh and English Dictionary. 2 vols. London E and T Williams 1793-1803.
Walters, John An English-Welsh Dictionary, wherein, not only the Words, but also, the Idioms and Phraseology of the English Language, are carefully translated into Welsh, by proper and equivalent Words and Phrases: With a regular interspersion of English Proverbs, and proverbial expressions, rendered by corresponding ones in the Welsh Tongue London 1794
Richards, W. A Welsh and English Dictionary, in which the english Words, and sometimes English Idioms and Phraseology, are accompanied by those which Synonymise or Correspond with them in the Welsh Language Carmarthen 1798
Richards, Wm. Geiriadur Seisonaeg a Chymraeg Carmarthen 1798
Owen, William A Welsh and English Dictionary; compiled from the Laws, History, poetry, Bardism, Proverbs, and other Monuments of the Knowledge and Learning of the Ancient Britons; with numerous and select Quotations to elucidate the Meaning of Words. To which is prefixed, A Welsh Grammar London 1799
Thomas, Thomas Gramadeg areithyddiaeth: yn cynwys rheolau a chyfarwyddiadau i ddarlen, siarad, ac areithio yn gywir ac effeithiol Wrexham Hughes and Son 18??
Hughes, Owen Allwedd newydd i bobl ieuaingc i ddysgu darllen Cymraeg ... 1800
Jones, John The Tower of Babel, or an Essay on the Confusion of Tongues. London 1800
Jones, Thomas English and Welsh Dictionary Chester 1800
Jones, Thomas Geiriadur Saesoneg a Chymraeg: an English and Welsh dictionary... Chester W C Jones 1800
Pughe, William Owen A grammar of the Welsh language, by William Owen London printed for E. Williams by J. Smeeton 1803
Davies, Edward Celtic researches on the origin, traditions and language, of the ancient Britons; with some introductory sketches on primitive society London 1804
Evans, Thomas (1764-1833) An English and Welch vocabulary, or an easy guide to the antient British language by Thomas Evans, to which is prefixed A grammar of the Welch language by Thomas Richards Merthyr W. Williams 1804
Lewis, T A Welsh-English dictionary: geirlyfr Cymraeg a Saesneg... Carmarthen J. Evans 1805
Davies, Robert (Nantglyn; 1769-1835) Gramadeg Cymraeg; sef, cyfarwyddyd hyrwydd, i ymadroddi ac ysgrifenu yr iaith Gymraegyn gywir a rheolaidd; gyd Ô lliaws o engraffau cynnwys i bob rhan a dull ymadrodd, yn ramadegol ac araithyddol: at ba un y chwanegwyd Rheolau Barddoniaeth Gymraeg. A gasglwyd, drwy lafur a diwydrwydd, gan Robert Davies, Nantglyn Caerlleon J. Hemingway 1808 156
Pughe, William Owen Cadoedigaet yr iait Cybraeg, yn iii ran, meon dul cryno, hylit a hycov [Cadwedigaeth yr iaith Gymraeg] Bala R. Saunderson 1808
Evans, William An English-Welsh Dictionary Carmarthen John Evans 1812
Borde, A. A Boke of Knowledge: Treateth of the Dysposition of the Welshman and the Countrie of Wales, to tech an Englyshman to speke Welsh: with a Glossary of Welshe Words 1814 1540
Antiquae linguae Britannicae thesaurus: being a British, or Welsh-English dictionary.... 3rd. arg. Dolgelley R Jones 1815
Evans, Thomas (1764-1833) An English and Welsh vocabulary, or an easy guide to the ancient British language by Thomas Evans, to which is subjoined A grammar of the Welsh language by the late Rev. Thomas Richards, also A dissertation on the Welsh language by the late ev. John Walters, 2d edition, 66p. Dolgelley Gomerian Press, printed and sold by R. Jones 1816
Walters, John. English and Welsh Vocabulary.... Dolgelley Gomerian Press 1816.
Gambold, William see Gambold 1727 1817
Hughes, J, An essay on the ancient and present state of the Welsh Language London 1822
Parry, John Gramadeg o'r iaith Gymraeg Caerlleon M.Monk 1823
Perri, Henri. Egluryn fraethineb: sef dosbarth ar retoreg... Llanrwst John Jones 1829.
Jones, Isaac Grammadeg Cymreig; sef, Traethawd ar Egwyddorion yr Iaith Aberystwyth Esther Williams 1832
Pughe, William Owen (1759-1835) A dictionary of the Welsh language, explained in English Denbigh Thomas Gee 1832/2
Thomas, J.W. (Arfon) Geiriadur Cymreig a Seisonig, a chydymaith i'r Ysgol Sabbathol, yn dri dosparth, yn y sawl yr amlygir ansawdd a gwraidd y Gymraeg, tarddiad geiriau dyrys, cynnulliad o eiriau o gyfelyb sain, a chrynoad helaeth o eiriau tywyll yr ysgrythur, efo eu cyfystyron William Potter & Co. 1834
Williams, O, ac I Jones. Welsh Encyclopedia: Y Geirlyfr Cymraeg... Llanfair-Caereinion H Humphreys 1835.
Evans, William W. Cystrawiaeth yr Iaith Gymmreig Llanrwst John Jones 1836
Williams, Samuel (of Llanidloes) Hyfforddwr, neu Reolau i iawn ddarllen ac ysgrifenu y iaith Gymreig, wedi i amcanu er budd yr ysgolion sabbathol &c., gan S. Wiliams Llanidloes D. Rees a J. Thomas 1838
Gryffydd, Dafydd Cyfaill yr Ysgolor; yn cynwys Sylwadau ar Ddarllenyddiaeth, ac Eglurhad ar Droellegau yr Ysgrythyrau Caernarfon Hugh Humphreys [1839?] 48
Ieithadur, neu Ramadeg Cymraeg Dinbych Thomas Gee 1839, 1862. (2)
‘Llyfrau Cymru’ Gwladgarwr viii 1840
Williams, Eliezer The English Works of the late Rev Eliezer Williams, with a memoir of his life, by his son, St. George Armstrong Williams. London Cradock and Co 1840
Jones, Isaac Grammadeg Cymreig; yn cynwys Sylwadau Helaeth ar Lythyreg, Acenyddiaeth, Geiryddiaeth a Chystrawen, yr ail argraffiad Aberystwyth E. Williams 1841
Hughes, Hugh (Tegai) Gramadeg Cymraeg, sef ieithiadur athronyddol, yn yr hwn yr amlygir deddfau yr iaith Gymraeg Caerynarfon, Peter Evans 1844
Jones, John Mendus Arweiniad i'r Gramadeg Cymreig Llanidloes [1846]
Edwards, Thomas (Caerfallwch) A brief analysis of Welsh orthography Denbigh Thomas Gee 1847
Evans, John (1814-1875) Geirlyfr Seisoneg a Chymreig, a new English and Welsh dictionary, with a botanical dictionary subjoined, compiled from the best sources John Jones 1847
Jones, John Mendus Gramadeg Cymraeg ymarferol, yn cynwys sylwedd yr holl ramadegau Cymreig, yn nghyda lluaws o sylwadau gwreiddiol ar egwyddorion a theithi yr iaith, a chyfres o reolau newyddion ar silliadaeth a chystrawiaeth, Llanidloes John Mendus Jones 1847
Jones, John Mendus Gramadeg Cymreig ymarferol Caernarfon [1847/1] 220
Spurrell, William Geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesonaeg, ynghyd a grammadeg o iaith y Cymry = A dictionary of the Welsh language ... to which is prefixed a grammar of the Welsh language, vii + 303pp. Carmarthen Spurrell 1848
Davies, Robert (Nantglyn; 1769-1835) Ieithadur neu Ramadeg Cymraeg: sef, cyfarwyddyd i ymadroddi ac ysgrifenu yr iaith Gymraeg yn gywir a rheolaidd; gyda lliaws o gynlluniau cymhwys; a Rheolau Barddoniaeth Gymraeg Dinbych Thomas Gee 1848/5 1818 156
Hughes ‘Welsh Syntax’ Transactions of the Aberffraw Royal Eisteddfod 1849
Prys, R J. Cyfarwyddyd i Gymmro ddysgu yr iaith Seisnig Dinbych Thomas Gee 1849
Williams, William, (Caledfryn) Gramadeg Cymraeg Wrexham R. Hughes and son [1850] 206 p.
Williams, William (Caledfryn) Gramadeg Cymreig Wrexham R. Hughes and Son 1851 206
Evans, Daniel Silvan An English and Welsh Dictionary, adapted to the present state of science and literature; in which The English Words are deduced from their originals, and explained by their synonyms in the Welsh Language, 2 vols. Denbigh - London Thomas Gee - Simpkin & Marshall 1852 868, 1094
An English and Welsh Dictionary... 2 vols. Denbigh Gee 1852-8
Rowland, Thomas A grammar of the Welsh Language Holywell W. Morris 1853
Spurrell, William A Grammar of the Welsh Language. Carmarthen William Spurrell 1853
Spurrell, W. Grammar of the Welsh Language - Grammadeg o Iaith y Cymry Carmarthen William Spurrell 1853/2 viii + 141
Spurrell, W. Grammar of the Welsh Language - Grammadeg o Iaith y Cymry Carmarthen William Spurrell 1853/2 viii + 141 pp.
Evans, Samuel Y Gomerydd, sef, Eglurhad ar iaiwn-lythreniaeth y Gymmraeg Caerdydd W. Owen 1854
Hughes, Hugh (Tegai) Crynodeb o ramadeg Cymraeg Caernarfon (H. Humphreys) 1856
Phillips, T Lloyd. English-Welsh Handbook: Llawiadur i'r Iaith Saesneg Dinbych Thomas Gee 1856
Williams Ab Ithel, John Dosparth Edeyrn Davod Aur, or The Ancient Welsh Grammar, ... with English translations and notes Llandovery 1856 cxxviii + 358
Prys, Robert Ioan An English and Welsh pronouncing dictionary...geiriadur cynaniadol Saesneg a Chymraeg. Dinbych Thomas Gee 1857
Jones, Robert Cyrus: Gramadeg yr iaith Gymraeg Bethesda 1858
Owen, W. Elfenau gramadeg Bethesda R. Jones 1858
Owen, W (Cyrus). Gramadeg yr Iaith Gymraeg... Bethesda R. Jones 1858
Prys, R. I & Thomas Stephens Orgraph yr Iaith Gymraeg Dinbych Thomas Gee 1859 44
Hughes, Hugh (Tegai) Gramadeg Cymraeg sef, Ieithiadur Athronyddol: yn yr hwn yr amlygir Deddfau yr IaithGymraeg yn nghyda Chyfarwyddiadau Helaeth i'w Deall, ei Hysgrifenu, a'i Darllen yn Briodol, &c. hefyd Rheolau Barddoniaeth Gwynedd a Marganwg, Yn nghyda Rheolau y Mesurau Rhyddion, a Thraithawd ar Reitheg Caernarfon H. Humphreys [1859/3] (1844/1) 208 p.
Evans, D. Silvan Llytthyraeth yr Iaith Gymraeg Caerfyrddin W. Spurrell 1861
Evans, Silvan Llythyraeth yr Iaith Gymraeg Caerfyrddin 1861 96 + 189
Evans, Silvan Llythyraeth yr Iaith Gymraeg Caerfyrddin 1861 96 + 189
Hughes, Hugh (Tegai) Yr Ysgrifell Gymreig sef Cyfarwyddyd i Ysgrifennu Cymraeg yn Rheolaidd Aberdar J. T. Jones 1861 64
Richards, W. Geiriadur Llogeli Cymraeg a Saesoneg A Pocket Dictionary Welsh-English Wrexham Hughes and Son [1861] 316
Richards, William. A pocket dictionary, Welsh-English: geiriadur llogell Cymraeg a Saesoneg... Wrexham R Hughes and Son [1861]. 316 + 432
Aled, Iorwerth Glan. Y Llenor Diwylliedig, sef Llawlyfr yr Ysgrifenydd, yr Areithydd, a'r Bardd Caernarfon H Humphreys 1862
Roberts, David Gramadeg Cerddoriaeth mewn tair rhan, sef Nodiant, Cynghanedd a Chyfansoddiant, argraffiad newydd Gwrecsam Hughes a'i Fab 1862 144
Williams, J. & Roberts, E. Grammadeg i'r iaith y Gymraeg Llangollen William Williams 1862
Hughes, Hugh (Tegai) Gramadeg Cymraeg sef, Ieithiadur Athronyddol: yn yr hwn yr amlygir Deddfau yr IaithGymraeg yn nghyda Chyfarwyddiadau Helaeth i'w Deall, ei Hysgrifenu, a'i Darllen yn Briodol, &c. hefyd Rheolau Barddoniaeth Gwynedd a Marganwg, Yn nghyda Rheolau y Mesurau Rhyddion, a Thraithawd ar Reitheg Caernarfon H. Humphreys [1864/4] (1844/1) 208 p.
Rowland, Th. A Grammar of The Welsh Language Bala R. Saunderson 1865 xvi + 302 p.
Rowland, Th. A Grammar of The Welsh Language Bala R. Saunderson 1865/3 (1853/1) xvi + 302
Williams, Charles Rules of the Welsh initial Changes, with an Appendix Oxford S. and E. Baxter 1866 iv + 44
The Aberystwyth Welsh Interpreter Aberystwyth E Williams & Son 1867
Ap Rhys, Gweirydd ‘Geiriadur Cymraeg a Saesneg, Welsh-English Dictionary’ Humphreys' Series of Welsh Dictionaries Caernarfon H. Humphreys [1867] 300
Johnson, [S.] & [N.] Webster & Hughes ‘An English-Welsh Dictionary - Geiriadur Saesoneg A Chymraeg’ Humphreys' Series of Welsh Dictionaries Caernarfon H. Humphreys [1867] 304
Owen, William (Bangor) Elfenau gramadeg yr iaith Gymraeg Bangor 1867
Ellis, Robert (Cynddelw; 1812-1875) Geiriadur Cymreig Cymraeg, sef, geiriau Cymraeg yn cael eu hegluro yn Gymraeg, gan Cynddelw Caernarfon H. Humphreys 1868
Hughes, John Ll. Elfennau Gramadeg Dowlais William Edwards 1868
Rowland, Thomas Welsh exercises, adapted to the improved edition of Rowland's Welsh Grammar, x & 262 pp. Hughes & Son Wrecsam 1870/2
Ap Iwan, Emrys Camrau mewn Grammadeg Cymreig Dinbych Thomas Gee 1871
Davies, E.T. Cydymaith y Cymro, neu, lawlyfr i'r Gymraeg Maesteg J.Jones 1873
Williams, Edward (Iolo Morganwg) Geiriadur y Bardd... Caernarfon H Humphreys [1874?]
Rowland, Thomas. Welsh Exercises, Part I, adapted to the third edition of Rowland's Grammar. 4edd argr. Wrexham Hughes & Son 1876
Rowland, Th. A Grammar of The Welsh Language Wrexham Hughes & Son 1876/4 (1853/1) xvi + 302
Rhys, John Lectures on Welsh Philology London Truebner & Co. 1877 xii + 458 p.
Rowlands, David (Dewi Mon) Grammadeg Cymraeg Wrexham Hughes and Son 1877
Huw, Ioan Llewellyn Elfennau Grammadeg at Wasanaeth Ieuenctid Ysgolion Llenyddol Llandilo D.W. a G. Jones 1877/3 64
Jones, Robert Ambrose (Emrys ap Iwan) Camrau mewn grammadeg Cymreig Dibych Thomas Gee 1881
Sattler, Ernst Y Gomeryd, das ist Grammatik des Kymraeg oder der kelto-walischen Sprache Zürich Albert Muller's Verlag 1886
Welsh as a Specific Subject for Elementary Schools, Stage I Cardiff Society for Utilizing the Welsh Language 1887.
Hughes, John Ll. Gramadeg y llenor Llandilo, D.W. a G. Jones 1887
Hughes, John Llewelyn Grammadeg y Llenor yn cynnwys Cyfarwyddiadau Llawn ac Eglur i ysgrifenu y Gymraeg yn unol a Chyfundrefnau Diwygiedig yr Oes Llandilo D. W. & G. Jones 1887 viii + 136
Spurrell, W. Practical Lessons in Welsh in imitation of the Natural Method of Learning to Speak a Language Carmarthen W. Spurrell 1888 160
Geiriadur cenedlaethol Cymraeg a Saesoneg: a national dictionary of the Welsh language. 3rd. ed. Denbigh T Gee and Son 1891.
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Jones, Griffith (Glan Menai) Cyfystyron y Gymraeg: sef y casgliad buddugol... Wrecsam Hughes and Son 1892 viii + 9 + 144
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