Karel Jongeling,
‘A personal bibliography of Welsh linguistic studies’

(version 2012, originally published on http://www.punic.co.uk/welsh/welsh_grammar/wg_intro.html)

Much information on linguistics is, of course, to be found in several printed bibliographies and the collection of one person can never reach completeness or even come near to a goal like that. However, as we have had much pleasure ourselves of this bibliographic collection, we decided to make it available for everybody to use it, to copy it or to do with it whatever one would like, one of the possibilities being to bring to my notice (jongelingk[at]gmx.com) titles which should have been included.

For a long time I have been interested in the history of science, which explains the many early studies mentioned. Much of this material is best described as pre-scientific, perhaps, but even so, it is part of the history of Welsh Linguistics.

The earlier titles are presented in the order of publication, the later publication in the alphabetical of the author's name. For several reasons I have not been able to keep the bibliography up-to-date, I hope to be working on it in the near future.

Karel Jongeling