Scéla Pátraic ⁊ Luigdech meic Lóegairi ‘The story of St Patrick and Lugaid mac Lóegairi’

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Medieval Irish legend about St Patrick, Lugaid son of Lóegaire mac Néill, king of Tara, and Michael the archangel. It is an aetiological anecdote which serves to account for the custom of ‘St Michael’s portion’ at Michaelmas, when sheep would be slaughtered to provide for the poor.
Scéla Pátraic ⁊ Luigdech meic Lóegairi
‘The story of St Patrick and Lugaid mac Lóegairi’
Modern editorial titles include “St. Patrick und Laegaire’s Sohn Lugaid” (Pokorny) and “The Michaelmas sheep” (Stokes). Wiley’s Irish title Scéla Pátraic ⁊ Luigdech meic Lóegairi, is a modern invention which echoes Pokorny. Cf. Conid senchas cháirech fhéili Michil ocus míri Míchil innsin (“So that is the story of the Michaelmas sheep and Michael's morsel”) towards the end of the B-recension in Rawl. B 512, where the text is foll. by Senchas muici fhéili Martain. A similar phrase in the Book of Lismore reads Conadh annsin roordaig Patraic mir Michel, ⁊ líach Michel ó cech aen.
First words (prose)
  • Araile fechtus tánic Pátraic cu Temraigh ar amus na ríghna bái oc Læguiri mac Néill d'fhoirithin a meic imonn ainces búi fair
Recension A
ff. 86ra–86rb
beg. ‘[A]raile fechtus tánic Pátraic cu Temraigh ar amus na ríghna bái oc Læguiri mac Néill d'fhoirithin a meic imonn ainces búi fair’
f. 143rb
beg. ‘Feachtas tanic Patraic co Temraidh ar amas na righna bai ac Laeghaire’
Recension B
ff. 108rb–108vb
beg. ‘Dia mbai conflicht mór etir Loegaire mac Neill ⁊ Patraic’
f. 114
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Keating A modernised version is told by Geoffrey Keating in Foras feasa ar Éirinn.
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Contains poems
Mairg caithius proinn, a Chríst cain’ » A single quatrain cited in recension A
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Related: Senchas muici fhéili MartainSenchas muici fhéili Martain

Short Irish anecdote which gives an origin story for the monastic custom of slaughtering pigs on the eve of St Martin‘s feast-day (Martinmas, celebrated on 11 November). St Patrick is said have received the monastic tonsure from St Martin and to have instituted the custom in his honour.


Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
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Saint PatrickSaint Patrick
(fl. 5th century)
St Patrick
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Lóegaire mac NéillLóegaire mac Néill
(fl. 5th century)
(time-frame ass. with Lóegaire mac Néill)
according to medieval Irish tradition, high-king of Ireland, son of Níall , and a contemporary of St Patrick
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Lugaid mac LóegairiLugaid mac Lóegairi
son of Lóegaire mac Néill
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Angás ingen TassaigAngás ingen Tassaig
wife of Lugaid mac Lóegairi in the tale of Scéla Pátraic ocus Luigdech meic Lóegairi
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Michael the archangelMichael the archangel
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