Senchas muici fhéili Martain ‘The story of the Martinmas pig’

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Short Irish anecdote which gives an origin story for the monastic custom of slaughtering pigs on the eve of St Martin‘s feast-day (Martinmas, celebrated on 11 November). St Patrick is said have received the monastic tonsure from St Martin and to have instituted the custom in his honour.

The slaughter and consumption of a pig on or near St Martin‘s feast-day is not unique to Ireland and is also referred to, for instance, in Miguel de Cervantes‘ Don Quixote. O'Davoren's glossary explains lupait as a term for the young pig that is killed at Martinmas. Cf. legal and literary references to pigs slaughtered around the time of Samain.
ff. 108vb.27–vb.37
rubric: ‘Senchus muici fhéili Martain ind so síss’
beg. ‘Martan isé tuc berradh manaigh ar Patraic’
Foll. by scribal note (printed by Ó Cuív, but not by Stokes).
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prose (primary)
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Related: Scéla Pátraic ⁊ Luigdech meic LóegairiScéla Pátraic ⁊ Luigdech meic LóegairiMedieval Irish legend about St Patrick, Lugaid son of Lóegaire mac Néill, king of Tara, and Michael the archangel. It is an aetiological anecdote which serves to account for the custom of ‘St Michael’s portion’ at Michaelmas, when sheep would be slaughtered to provide for the poor.




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Saint PatrickSaint Patrick
(fl. 5th century)
St Patrick
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Martin of ToursMartin of Tours
(fl. 4th century)
bishop of Tours and saint. His vita and related writings by Martin’s younger contemporary Sulpicius Severus were highly influential in early medieval Europe, furnishing models for hagiographic writing about many other saints.
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