Páis Marcellinuis ‘The passion of Marcellinus’

  • Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Irish religious texts, sermons and homilies
Homily on the passion of the Roman martyr Marcellinus.
Páis Marcellinuis
‘The passion of Marcellinus’
No title occurs in the manuscript, but this title may be used by analogy with other homiletic passions in the same manuscript.
First words (prose)
  • O atchuala tra Dioclian in t-impir clu crabuid ⁊ ecna ⁊ cretmi in abbad Pasnute

The text is introduced in the manuscripts by a [[Irish homily on Paphnutius and Onophrius |homily on the meeting between Paphnutius and Onophrius]], which is indexed separately in this catalogue.

  • Middle Irish
11th century?
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Irish religious textsIrish religious texts

Irish religious textsIrish religious texts

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Martyrdom and persecutions of Christians in the Roman Empire
Martyrdom and persecutions of Christians in the Roman Empire
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Note that there are various references throughout the book to material in the appendix, but in the introduction, Atkinson states he regrets “that I have not found it possible to include in the present volume the Appendix and Notes”.

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