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Collection: Rawlinson manuscripts
Rawlinson B 514
Provenance and related aspects
s. xvi
16th century
Origin, provenance
Origin: Ireland
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ass. with Maghnus Ó DomhnaillÓ Domhnaill (Maghnus)
(d. 1563)
anglicised Manus O’Donnell; chief of the Ó Domhnaill family (O’Donnells); lord of Donegal (since 1537); married to Eleanor Fitzgerald; poet and author; compiled Beatha Cholaim Chille.
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“It is reasonable to assume that the manuscript belonged originally to Maghnus Ó Domhnaill who died in 1563” (Ó Cuív: 262). Note, however, that Caoimhín Breatnach (2007) has argued that the present copy is unlikely to have been the one produced for Ó Domhnaill.
Later provenance: County Donegal
County Donegal/Dún na nGall
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ass. with Mac Suibhne familyMac Suibhne family
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“Later owners named are Mac Suibhne of Baghaine (f. iiir of Part I), and ‘Donnogh mc Swyn’ and ‘Henry Swyne’ (f. [19]r of Part II).”(1)n. 1 Brian Ó Cuív, Catalogue of Irish MSS in the Bodleian (2001): 262. The evidence seems to point to some connection with the Clann Suibhne, particular that of Tír Boghaine (bar. Banagh, Co Donegal).
Hands, scribes
Hands indexed:
Main hand

There is no scribal signature, but the main hand can be identified with that of Harleian 5280, which belongs to Giolla Riabhach (Mór) Ó Cléirigh. This is corroborated by a colophon in a copy of the present manuscript, Franciscan MS A 19, which states that the exemplar was written by Giolla Riabhach Mór Ó Cléirigh.(1)n. 1 Brian Ó Cuív, Catalogue of Irish MSS in the Bodleian (2001): 262, 270. “The script is large and beautifully clear, with large capitals for initial letters of sections or paragraphs. Beginning at f. 18r of Part I and continuing as far as f. 20r the large initials are coloured with a lightish yellow; two on f. 19rb are crudely smudged with brown. The scribe left space for large ornamental initials on ff. 1r, 47r, 51v and 59v, but these were never inserted.”(2)n. 2 Brian Ó Cuív, Catalogue of Irish MSS in the Bodleian (2001): 262–63.

Giolla Riabhach mac Tuathail Ó CléirighÓ Cléirigh (Giolla Riabhach mac Tuathail)
(fl. 15th/16th century)
Ó Cléirigh (Giolla Riabhach Mór)
Irish scribe, son of Tuathal son of Tadhg Cam Ó Cléirigh. He is the main scribe of the miscellany Harley MS 5820 and Rawlinson MS 514 containing Maghnus Ó Domhnall’s Life of Colum Cille. His own floruit cannot be pinned down with any precision but his father is kown to have died in 1512.
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Second hand

“A second scribe, using lighter-coloured ink, added a short paragraph on f. 50vb of Part I” (Ó Cuív: 263).

Additional hand 1 of gathering L (f. 77v)

The final leaves of part II of the MS show a more varied distribution of hands. While Ó Cléirigh’s hand is still seen in this section, Ó Cuív observes “several [other] hands” on ff. 77(17), 78(18) and [79(19)].

One hand added a poem on f. 77(17)v, writing in “a clear but not particularly fine hand, not earlier than 1551”.

Additional hand 2 of gathering L (f. 77r) Another hand added a short annalistic note at the bottom of f. 77(17)r.
Additional hand 3 of gathering L (f. 78v, 79r)

Yet another hand added several verse items: three on f. 78(18)v, in two lines following the poem beg. Ceidtreabh Erend Inis Saimher, and another on f. [79(19)]r.

Copies or excerpts
Codicological information
Table of contents

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Brian Ó Cuív, Catalogue of Irish MSS in the Bodleian (2001): 262.

Primary sources This section typically includes references to diplomatic editions, facsimiles and photographic reproductions, notably digital image archives, of at least a major portion of the manuscript. For editions of individual texts, see their separate entries.

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Internet Archive: <link>, <link>, <link> Internet Archive – originally from Google Books: <link>, <link>
Edition of the Life of Colum Cille.

Secondary sources (select)

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45–50 A list of poems contained in the manuscript.

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