Irish note on Conaire Mór and the Ulster Cycle

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An Irish note found in BL Harley MS 5280 on the chronological relationship between Conaire Mór and certain tales of the Ulster Cycle.
First words (prose)
  • Cair (.i. comaircim) cia boi ind Eriu i flait[h] Conairi ...
f. 54r
beg. ‘Cair (.i. comaircim) cia boi ind Eriu i flait[h] Conairi ...’
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Conaire Mór
Conaire Mór
legendary high-king of Ireland; son of Eterscél (Mór) and Mess Búachalla; tragic protagonist of Togail bruidne Da Derga

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Irish note on Conaire Mór (Harl. 5280, f. 54r) Cair (.i. comaircim) cia boi ind Eriu i flaith Conairi no cia fot boi Eri cen rig no cia dogab Eri d'es Conaire no cia is taeisce Tain no Bruighen no cia ba ri Erind oc inarbad mac n-Usnech no cia haeis Conculaind ar Tain no cia fot iar Tain co fuair bas ? Ni ansa emh. Secht m-bliadna décc ⁊ tri .xx. di Conaire i rigi n-Eirenn ⁊ .v. bliadhna d'Erind cen rig co n-erracht Lugaid Sriab n-Derg ⁊ re lind Conairi robith maic Uisnech a n-Emain Macha. A cind mis ar di bliadna ar n-dith Conuiri a m-Bruigin Sluaiged na Tana in alio loco dicitur. xiii. bliadna .xx. ria Tain ⁊ .x. m-bliadna .xx. ier Tain soegal Conculaind in alio loco dicitur. Echtrai NeraTain Bo FraichTain Bo FlidhisiCath Ruis na Righ for BoinnCath Findcorad ria Concobur re lind Conaire in sin uili. Finis.
Irish note on Conaire Mór and the Ulster Cycle •


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[ed.] Meyer, Kuno [ed.], “Mélanges: Addenda to the Echtra Nerai”, Revue Celtique 11 (1890): 210.  
comments: BL, Harley 5280, f. 54a.
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