verse beg. Int én gaires asin tshail

  • Old Irish
  • verse
  • Early Irish poetry, Early Irish lyrics
A stanza cited in Mittelirische Verslehren I (§ 53) and Mittelirische Verslehren II (§ 75) as an example of the metrical form debide guilbnech dialtach.
First words (verse)
  • Int én gaires asin tshail
  • Old Irish
“probably composed in the ninth century” (Murphy).(1)n. 1 Gerard Murphy, ‘Anonymous: The blackbird calling from the willow’ in Early Irish lyrics... (1956): 175.
verse (primary)
  • deibide nguilbnech ndialtach (7¹+7¹+7¹+7¹)


Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry

Early Irish lyricsEarly Irish lyrics



Gerard Murphy, ‘Anonymous: The blackbird calling from the willow’ in Early Irish lyrics... (1956): 175.

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[ed.] [tr.] Murphy, Gerard [ed. and tr.], “Anonymous: The blackbird calling from the willow”, in: Gerard Murphy [ed. and tr.], Early Irish lyrics: eighth to twelfth century, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1956. 6–7, 174–175.
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[ed.] Thurneysen, Rudolf [ed.], “Mittelirische Verslehren”, in: Ernst Windisch, and Whitley Stokes [eds.], Irische Texte mit Wörterbuch, 4 vols, vol. 3, Leipzig, 1891. 1–182.  
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